Income Adjustment


Changes to your Family’s Financial Situation

The Financial Aid Office understands that there are many changes happening in family finances and we are here to support you. 

We can perform a personal review of each family's individual circumstances as the basis of determining a student's financial aid eligibility. 

Additional financial assistance may be available and can be in the form of a grant, loan, or scholarship and is determined on a case-by-case basis.

That was then:

Your financial aid is based upon income from two years prior to the start of the academic year as reported on the FAFSA (i.e. The 2021/2022 FAFSA requires 2019 tax information).

This is now:

However, we recognize that family circumstances can change unexpectedly, affecting a family's ability to contribute toward educational expenses. 

If your or your family’s financial situation has changed significantly from what is reflected on your federal income tax return, you may be eligible to have your financial aid adjusted.

Tell me more:

You can request that your financial aid eligibility be reviewed if your financial situation changes for reasons such as the following:

The following is not considered a change in circumstances:

To Apply:

To be considered for a review of your financial aid eligibility, submit the Income Reduction Form

To Submit:

The Process:


We assume everyone wants as much grant and scholarship money as possible. Your award reflects your “fair share” of the limited financial aid we have available.

PA ResidentsIf you are an undergraduate student and a Pennsylvania  resident, you can also submit a separate request for your PA State Grant.  Their form is different than ours and should be sent directly to them.  Please go to for the Reduced Income Form or call Pa State Grant at 800-692-7392.

Families can consider additional options to help with educational expenses such as


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