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The Technology Support staff help to keep all the University's computers maintained and online, act as consultants for all computer lab issues and provision support for all learning technology services.  The two areas of focus are Client Support Services (CSS) and Learning Technology Services (LTS).

Client Support Services (CSS)

The CSS staff maintain all of the University's client technology such as office and lab computers, printers, software, and more. The University's Technology Help Center is managed by the CSS staff, and this service offers University employees and students a gateway to their technology support needs. Here are examples of some of the services offered by CSS:

Students, faculty and staff who need help resetting a password or general assistance with password management can click here.

The Technology Help Center is located in Ross Hall at the end of the pedestrian bridge and provides technology assistance to students and employees.

For more information, login to and click on the "Tech Help" icon.
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Learning Technology Services (LTS)

LTS is facilitated and maintained by a dedicated team of managers and student workers, their roles include the provision of support and training in the following key areas:

Distance Education

Provide support and training on all the key technologies being used by our faculty and staff. Dr. Jim Boulder, Director of Learning Technology Services, and Sandy Dell, LMS Administrator, are available to consult on all aspects of course design and development. They're the key contacts for the following online tools:

24/7 Brightspace Support is available to users via the D2L Helpdesk at 866-840-6514.

Classroom Technology

LTS maintains all classroom technology across campus. Classroom teaching stations typically include a computer, touchscreen, and document camera, images are displayed via a laser projector or television screen. Audio is routed to ceiling or wall speakers.

LTS endeavors to replace/upgrade classroom technology every 5 years.

LTS staff members can provide training on how to use classroom technology, and they can also advise you on which technologies best fit your classroom needs. Dr. Jim Boulder is Edinboro's lead contact for faculty development and support using classroom technologies. 

Please always report classroom technology requests and issues through the classroom technology hotline at 814-732-2010 or by contacting the Technology Help Center directly at 814-732-2111. You can also open a ticket by logging into and clicking on the "Tech Help" icon.
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Campus Event AV Support

Working with Conference Services, LTS provides AV equipment and technicians for campus events. Users may request AV equipment and support while reserving locations via the Conference Services system. In addition to provisioning equipment and staff for campus events, LTS also manages and maintains the AV equipment in Cole Auditorium and all campus lecture halls.

Professional Development

Working in conjunction with the Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE), LTS is committed to furthering the professional development of faculty and staff by supporting a variety of development opportunities.

Quality Matters Initiative - provisions funding to allow faculty to complete QM workshops and facilitates voluntary peer reviews of submitted online courses.

Online Learning Consortium - provisions access to OLC resources and training. Provides discounts to conference and webinar sessions. - evolving set of tools that allow for the creation of more engaging and interactive content for online courses.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to provide recommendations and requests for additional professional development opportunities and topics such as workshops, webinars, guest speakers, focus groups or similar. Submit your requests to Dr. Jim Boulder at

Media Services

Media Services provides: videoconferencing (Zoom) support, instructional two-way television (iTV) support, captioning services, a very limited equipment loaning service, and general multimedia consultation.

Consult with faculty to create accessible media rich content.


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Ross Hall
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