Course Delivery Methods


Description in SCOTS How the course is being delivered

1 - 100% Online          

The course is offered fully online.

2 - In-person required component

The course will meet on-campus at the day, time, and location listed on your student schedule.

3 - 100% Online, Scheduled Time

The course is offered fully online, however, will meet on the day and time listed on your student schedule.

4 - 100% Online, live/your time

The course is offered fully online, however, the student chooses to complete the course 100% online, 100% online on the day/time
listed on their schedule, or a combination of the two.

A mixture of any of the above modes.

For courses listing multiple method numbers, the course is being offered as "one or the other" option. The student has the option to choose which method (listed on the course description) meets their schedule needs.


What does this mean?

Classes will be delivered using one of four methods. When searching for courses in SCOTS, at the far right of the course entry is an “Attribute” that shows the course delivery method and additional information. The course delivery methods are numbered 1 through 4 with abbreviated descriptions that likely do not fully indicate how the course is offered. Fuller descriptions are shown below to provide you more information in choosing your classes.

1 = 100% Online: This is also known as an asynchronous delivery class. No meeting days and times are scheduled, and students will access their online course via D2L. Students complete coursework on their own schedule each week to meet assignment and testing deadlines specified by their professor.

2 = In-Person Required Component: This is also known as a multi-modal delivery class. The course will be offered live on campus on the days, times and room listed. In addition, delivery will also be available virtually for students not wishing to attend in-person. These courses will incorporate all or some in-person teaching that may transition to virtual delivery if health and safety conditions warrant. Note that there may be some exceptions to multi-modal delivery (where you may attend the course completely remotely); for instance, clinicals and labs may require that you are physically present for the class. Please contact the instructor if you plan to attend the course remotely and want to verify that all components of the course will be available in this way.

3 = 100% Online, Scheduled Time: This is also known as a synchronous delivery class. Students meet with the professor online via Zoom on the days and times indicated in the schedule. Assignments and other information may be in D2L.

4 = 100% Online, live/your time: This course delivery is a combination of numbers 1 and 3 above. Students may attend the course at scheduled days and times live via Zoom (synchronous delivery) OR may access recordings of the lectures and complete all other assignments through D2l on their own time (asynchronous delivery). Students may also switch between the two different types of delivery throughout the course.

A mixture of modes: This course delivery is a combination of numbers 1, 2, 3, or 4 above. The student has the option to choose which method, from those listed on the course description, meets their schedule needs and will work with their professor regarding which mode has been chosen.

How can I find the delivery method?

Delivery methods are also available to view via SCOTS:

  1. Click on the SCOTS icon in the My.Edinboro Portal,
  2. Click Registration,
  3. Click Lookup Classes,
  4. Choose the spring 2021 term,
  5. Select the subject of your course, click course search,
  6. Click on the view sections button to the right of your course,
  7. Look at the attribute column to the far right of the webpage, the first entry will be the delivery method of the course.


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