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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

University Plans and COVID-19 Response

Edinboro University’s Emergency Response Team continues to monitor the latest national data related to the COVID-19 pandemic while working tirelessly to minimize the spread of the virus and foster a safe living, learning and working environment for all members of the Edinboro University community.

The latest CDC recommendation advises that indoor masking is necessary only in areas experiencing high-risk levels of COVID-19. Based on the CDC Guidelines and latest data, the level for Erie County is Low.

At that level, masks are not required indoors on the Edinboro campus.


COVID-19 Case Tracker

View up-to-date information regarding known student or employee cases of COVID-19 

Communication Archive

Important messages to students, faculty and staff

Decision Trees

Not sure about quarantine or isolation protocol? Use these simple decision trees to determine your next steps if you're experiencing symptoms or you've been identified as a close contact of someone who has COVID-19.

Please note: If you are living with someone who has tested positive, you will need to quarantine for the duration of their isolation period first. Your 5-day quarantine period begins the day after their isolation ends.

Important Numbers

Health questions can be directed to Student Health Services at 814-732-2743. Parents and students can contact the Student Engagement Division at 814-732-2313. Edinboro employees with work-related questions can call Human Resources at 814-732-2703.

Questions or Feedback about COVID-19?

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