AAS - Applied Technology

Program Number: 0260

The Associates of Applied Science in Applied Technology combines training in specialized technology and business administration to prepare graduates for careers in engineering technology leadership. The A.A.S. program provides an opportunity for those with technical certification or training from other accredited institutions to complete a relevant associate degree, while the program is flexible enough to serve students that wish to complete all technical training at Edinboro University. This program will prepare students for occupations such as engineering technicians, industry team leaders, quality coordinators, new product development coordinators and sales specialists among others. The A.A.S. program will be attractive to students currently working in the manufacturing sector and to those pursuing certificate-level training in engineering technology at a university or other specialized training at community colleges or technical schools.

If you are unsure regarding your semester of program admission (also known as the "catalog term"), please see your academic advisor or the department chairperson for this information.

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