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          Department of Art
          Doucette Hall, Room 113
          215 Meadville Street
          Edinboro, PA 16444
          Phone: (814) 732-2406

          William Mathie, MFA
          Interim Department Chair
          Office: Loveland Hall, Room 5
          Phone: (814) 732-2202

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          Visiting Artists and Speakers

          The Art Department at Edinboro University hosts numerous artists and speakers who interact, network and teach through hands-on presentations and demonstrations.

          Visiting artists and speakers complement and enhance classroom lectures and projects by bringing real-world experience to our students, giving them a firsthand look at life as a professional artist.

          The Visiting Artists and Speakers Series is brought to the University through the Visiting Artist and Speaker Endowment. Former President  Julie Wollman; Art Department professors Rachael Burke, Shelle Barron, Lisa Austin, Michael Genz and William Mathie; former Dean of Liberal Arts Terry Smith; and Director of Major Gifts Julie Chacona formalized the Visiting Artist and Speaker Endowment, continuing Edinboro’s tradition of bringing respected figures from the art world to campus.

          The endowment allows visual educators, art historians, art critics, art administrators, craftsmen and women, applied artists, designers and painters to visit campus, meet with students, and participate in other activities as desired by department faculty. The endowment will continue to grow via bi-annual fundraisers.

          Visiting artists and speakers help Edinboro’s students to: 

          • Critically analyze visual images
          • Develop awareness of artistic assumptions
          • Experience collaborative, interdisciplinary and community-based work
          • Develop an awareness of the local, regional, national and international art/design world
          • Attain insight regarding the personal discipline required of successful, productive artists, designers, educators and art historians

          The selection of visiting artists is made by members of the Visiting Artist Committee (VAC). The committee will select speakers representing a breadth of disciplines, including art education, art history, art criticism, book arts, drawing, painting, printmaking, paper making, wood, design, metals, weaving, sculpture, ceramics, photography, graphic design, film and animation.

          Visiting Artist and Speaker events are free and open to the public. In addition to students and University faculty, many alumni, regional artists, educator, and members of the community enjoy and learn from these well-advertised events, providing further benefits to students by making sure they are part of the area’s thriving artistic community.