Contact Info

          Criminal Justice, Anthropology, and Forensic Studies
          Hendricks Hall, Room 146
          235 Scotland Road
          Edinboro, PA 16444
          Phone: (814) 732-2409

          Dr. Delbert Rounds
          Department Chair
          Phone: (814) 732-2404

          Dr. Lenore Barbian
          Anthropology Program Director
          Phone: (814) 732-1782

          Resources and Facilities

          The EU Criminal Justice, Anthropology, and Forensic Studies Department maintains crime scene classrooms, an Anthropological Resource Center, and a Forensic Sciences Lab in Hendricks Hall.

          Criminal Justice classroom

          The Department of Criminal Justice, Anthropology, and Forensic Studies, housed in Hendricks Hall, possesses enviable facilities, including high-tech classrooms and a crime scene investigation laboratory.

          The Department’s Forensic Science/Mock Crime Scene rooms allow students to experience hands-on laboratory exercises, including fingerprinting, development and lifting of latent fingerprints by a variety of physical and chemical techniques, casting shoe track impressions, presumptive blood detection and much more, related to criminal investigation.

          The Anthropological Research Center (ARC) and Archaeology Lab is composed of two research and teaching labs where students can conduct research and learn job-related skills. The ARC houses artifacts from historic site excavations in Pennsylvania, including the excavations of the Fort LeBoeuf /Judson House, the Eagle Hotel, Battles Farmstead and the Griswald sites.

          The Human Relation Area Files, data from the Old Edinboro Cemetery Project and the American Journal of Physical Anthropology also can be found in the ARC.

          The Forensic Sciences Lab houses EU’s collection of forensic cast materials demonstrating standard anthropological age, sex and ancestry differences as well as a fossil hominid cast collection documenting human evolution from Sahelanthropus tchadensis to Cro-Magnon and the Suchey-Brooks, Todd and Iscan-Loth age determination casts. The lab is also home to a collection of medical school quality study skeletons and the University’s skeletal trauma, pathology and anomalies cast collections and comparative primate materials.

          Hendricks Hall is one of the University’s busiest classroom buildings and home to several of the University’s academic departments and labs. In addition to Criminal Justice, Anthropology, and Forensic Studies and its resources, the departments of Business and Economics; History, Politics, Languages, and Cultures; and ROTC—as well as the Oral History Studio—are housed in the building.

          Hendricks Hall is also the place where many of our student organizations, including the Criminal Justice Club, Alpha Phi Sigma, Mock Trial, Lambda Alpha and the Anthropology Club meet and hold events. If you are interested in criminal justice, anthropology or forensic sciences, there is always something to do in Hendricks Hall.