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          Dr. Janet Rogers
          Department Chair
          Office: Cooper Hall, Room 126e
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          Instruments & Equipment

          The Chemistry Department at Edinboro University offers its students cutting edge instruments and equipment to facilitate effective classroom learning.
          Chemistry Instruments & Equipment
          Chemistry Instruments & Equipment
          August 21, 2015

          The instruments and equipment that students use in their chemistry coursework at EU offers them hands-on experience with the devices they will use in their professional lives and makes classroom learning effective and tangible. The Chemistry Department is very excited to announce that it has acquired two new instruments that will provide students with additional research and educational opportunities. Currently used instruments are listed below.

          New Instruments

          Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer

          The chemistry department recently has acquired a new, state-of-the-art nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometer. The new system, a Bruker BioSpin Avance III HD 400, is the most sensitive, most accurate, highest performance NMR spectrometer in the market today, with robust, automated and intuitive software. It is ideal for both the teaching lab and research.

          With the new instrument, the chemistry department will not only provide data to its science students and academic researchers, but it also can provide high-quality NMR data to others in the northwest Pennsylvania region. The department will be able to offer services to other academic institutions as well as companies specializing in, for example, chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, nutritional sciences, polymers and water analysis.

          The purchase was funded by a Pennsylvania State Furnishing Fixtures and Equipment Grant as one of the last steps in the extensive renovations and updates to Cooper Science Hall. 

          GC-MS QP2010 Ultra

          The department also recently acquired a new, state-of-the-art analytical instrument called a gas chromatography-mass spectrometer, or GC-MS. The GC-MS is one of the most widely used and most powerful tools for chemical analysis. The new system, a Shimadzu Corporation modal QP2010 Ultra, will replace the older GC-MS systems in the department. The new instrument will be used by Edinboro students as part of their laboratory training and by students and faculty as part of their research.  

          The purchase also was funded by a Pennsylvania State Furnishings, Fixtures and Equipment Grant as one of the finishing touches in the expansion of Cooper Science Hall. 

          With these recent acquisitions, the laboratories in the EU Chemistry Department will rank among the best equipped in northwestern Pennsylvania, providing the highest quality resources to EU students and others in the region.

          Currently Used Equipment

          Optical Methods

          Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

          • Perkin Elmer PE – 360
          • PerkinElmer PE – 4000

          Flame Photometer

          • Colman Structure Model 21


          • Jobin-Yvon spectfluo JY3


          • Perkin Elmer PE – 1720 FT-IR
          • Spectrum 1 (2)

          Light scattering

          • Brice Phoenix Universal model 1000-D


          • Carl Zeiss


          • Advantage 200A


          • Milton Roy spectronic 3000 Diode array
          • Beckman DU-7
          • Perkin Elmer Lambda 35



          • Fisher FBVE20-1
          • Fisher FB-SB-710

          Gas Chromatograph 

          • Perkin Elmer PE 8410 TCD
          • Perkin Elmer sigma – 2 FID
          • Perkin Elmer Sigma – 1B FID with head-space sampler
          • Perkin Elmer PE3920B FID
          • HP5890 Series II – FID-TCD
          • Various quantitative and semi-preparative columns

          Gas-Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer

          • Hewlett Packard HP 5995 with direct injection port (DIP) capability
          • HP 59970A – work station with database
          • HP5890 – ICNOS-50


          • Waters HPLC system with 2487 UV/VIS detector, 1525 dual lambda absorbance detector, and "Breeze" software

          Ion exchange chromatography

          • Dionex Series 2000i/sp 

          Other Equipment 


          • IEC Model B-20 refrigerated centrifuge
            (0-20,000 RPM -30 oC to 30 oC)


          • Silicon Graphics Octane 2

          Differential Scanning Calorimeter

          • Perkin Elmer DSC-2

          Electrolyte analyzer

          • Sergent heavy duty electrolytic analyzer

          Elemental Analyzer

          • Calcium analyzer Corning 940

          Laboratory Microwave Oven

          • Buck Scientific MS-1


          • Varian 360L CW NMR to be upgraded to an Anasazi EFT-NMR with the capabilities such as 2-D 13C 31P 19F and 15N NMR

          Thermogravimetric Analyzer

          • Perkin Elmer TGS-2

          Interface for DSC and TGS

          • Heat controller Balance Controller
          • Balance controller Data station PE 3700