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          Dr. Michael Engdahl
          Department Chair
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          Student Outcomes

          Students in Edinboro’s School of Business will learn the driving forces behind what makes a professional enterprise a success. Marketing, finance, IT, security and more all play a role, and a business and economics education from EU offers students the ability to master these concepts.

          Student Success: Data on Edinboro University’s student success can be found on College Navigator.

          Companies and corporations in the 21st Century are looking for college graduates who understand the mechanics of the economy, the concept of marketing (not just advertising) to consumers, the ideals behind business ethics, and how technology and innovation (such as Tesla and Apple) can impact an industry. Students in Edinboro’s Business programs will learn all of this and more as they work through the curriculum.

          The value of a university education in business and economics includes the student’s resulting mastery and development of skills that will carry the graduate through life as a professional. Each degree program in the Edinboro School of Business has specified learning objectives and strives to offer courses and experiences that allow all students to master these objectives. These learning objectives may be viewed by following the links below.

          AS Business Administration Learning Objectives
          BS Business Administration Learning Objectives
          BS Economics Learning Objectives 

          The objectives for these programs are measured in multiple ways, but primarily through course-embedded assignments and exam components specifically linked to these objectives. Measurement of these objectives began in spring of 2010, and the results have been used to make improvements to the programs. The detailed results of these measures may be viewed at the links below.

          Assessment results of course-embedded assignments for BS Business Administration
          Assessment results of course-embedded assignments for AS Business Administration
          2015-2016 Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Report 

          The learning goals and objectives for the BS Business Administration, in particular, are also measured using the ETS – Major Field Test in Business (ETS-MFT). This is a nationally-implemented standardized exam that tests graduating students in multiple subject areas in business. Since it is used in business schools across the country, we are able to compare the performance of our program and students to others nationally. A summary of these results is posted below.

          2015 ETS-MFT Summary Document

          A student’s satisfaction with his/her experience as part of the School of Business is also important for our continuous improvement. Each semester, students graduating from our programs are provided with a Senior Exit Survey. This survey covers areas such as the quality of interaction with the faculty, the development of marketable skills (e.g., leadership, critical thinking, computer, etc.), the quality of instruction and classroom facilities, and whether the student would recommend the program to a friend, among other areas. Results from this survey can be found by following the link below.

          Senior Exit Survey Results

          Any questions regarding the information presented should be directed to the Office of the Dean, School of Business at (814) 732-2460, or by email to Dean Scott Miller at