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          Dr. Erinn Lake
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          School of Graduate Studies and Research
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          Certification Requirements

          Receiving Teaching Certification is the final step students must reach before they can serve in a Pennsylvania public school. Students must complete their chosen program, graduate and pass the appropriate testing to receive their certification.

          What is teaching certification?

          Certification is a process in which the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) requirements are fulfilled and verified so that you can be an educator in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. All professional employees of the Commonwealth’s public schools must hold a certificate. The Pennsylvania State Board of Education sets the standards and regulations for certification, and the Bureau of School Leadership and Teacher Quality administers those standards and regulations in regards to certifying educators. Individuals must hold a valid, appropriate certificate with the proper endorsement area corresponding to the job assignment in order to serve in a Pennsylvania public school.

           Pennsylvania's Certification Requirements

          How to apply for a Pennsylvania certificate through Edinboro University

          1. Register with TIMS. Information on how to get started with TIMS Information about how to get started with Tims can be found here.
          2. Complete the SOE Credential Application
            Undergraduate students – Please forward the completed credential application to the address on the form or email the form to Susan Lawrence at
            Post-baccalaureate students - Please forward completed credential application to your program head for approval or email the form to
          3. Indicate Edinboro University as your Educator Preparation Program.
          4. Once approved, your certificate will be available within 10 weeks on the TIMS site.
          5. Once you have registered with TIMS, click here to apply for the new credential or to check the status. Then click on "TIMS (Certification Application System) Log In" on the right-hand side of the page.