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Fall 2014 Workshop Series

All workshops will be held from 3:30pm – 4:30pm
in the Baron-Forness Library, Room 201 

September 10th: Time To get Organized
Take charge of your schedule! Learn to plan, prioritize, and manage your time and avoid procrastination. This workshop will help you manage your time using various tools and time management strategies. 

September 17th: How Do I Learn The Best?
How can I adapt my study skills to my learning style? Understand your own way of taking in information and processing it. Explore the different types of learning styles and identify your own preferred method of learning. Learn some study skills that will capitalize on the strengths you already have.

September 24th: Do I Have To Write That Down?
Is this going to be on the test? Learn how to improve your strategies for taking notes in class. Discover some ideas on how to take more effective notes that will help you learn and retain information.

October 1st: Strategies For Test Taking
How do I prepare for my exam that's coming up? How much time should I spend studying? Get some test-taking hints so you can do well on that next exam!