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B.S. Biology Degree



The Department of Biology and Health Services of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania offers a variety of degree programs.

Programs in traditional areas of biological science may lead to either a Bachelor of Arts in Biology for students in the arts and sciences curriculum or a Bachelor of Science in Biology. The Bachelor of Science degree meets preprofessional and graduate school requirements in biology and permits a more in-depth concentration in biology and other areas of natural science.

Students interested in entering schools of medicine, osteopathy, dentistry, veterinary science, optometry, or podiatry usually pursue the pre-healing arts option of the Bachelor of Science in Biology. Pre-healing arts students are assigned an advisor who provides special guidance in selecting courses that will be helpful in gaining admission to professional schools.

In addition, the department offers specific programs and degrees in related areas. These include the Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology, Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Medicine Technology, and the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science/Biology. Specific information on each program is available.

Students interested in teaching biology at the secondary level may pursue the Bachelor of Science in Education in Secondary Biology. This degree is offered through the Department of Secondary Education, but biology courses are taken through the Department of Biology and Health Services.


I.  General Education Requirements               50 semester hours

II.  Required Biology Courses                           43 sem hrs.
     BIOL103 Principles of Biology (4)
     BIOL230 Botany (4)
     BIOL240 Zoology (4)
     BIOL300 Genetics (4)
     BIOL305 Cell and Molecular Biology (4)
     BIOL320 Plant Physiology (4) or BIOL340 Animal Physiology (4)
     BIOL500 Ecology (4)
     Biology Electives (15)

III.  Required Supporting Courses                 27-32 sem hrs.
      CHEM240 Principles of Chemistry I (4)
      CHEM241 Principles of Chemistry II (4)
      CHEM301 General Organic Chemistry (4) or CHEM330 Organic
            Chemistry I (4) and CHEM331 Organic Chemistry II (4)
      CHEM302 General Biochemistry (4)
      PHYS201 Physics I (4)
      PHYS202 Physics II (4)
      MATH211 Analytical Geometry and Calculus I (4)
      MATH260 Elements of Statistics (3) or MATH212 Analytical Geometry and Calculus II (4)

TOTAL                                                                 120 sem. hrs.


A cooperative summer program enables Edinboro University undergraduate and graduate students to take field-oriented course work at a well established biological field station. The Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology is a unit of the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Pittsburgh. The laboratory is located on the shores of Pymatuning Reservoir near the Pennsylvania-Ohio border at Linesville, Pennsylvania, approximately a 40-minute drive from the Edinboro campus. A program exists whereby students registered through Clarion University, Edinboro University and the University of Pittsburgh all may take classes at the Pymatuning Laboratory. Faculty from the cooperating institutions teach at the facility but students pay tuition and receive credit from their home institution.

Teaching and research facilities at the Pymatuning Laboratory are situated within a wildlife sanctuary and adjacent to the Linesville Fish Hatchery. Facilities include teaching and research laboratories, a library, dormitories, a dining hall, recreational facilities, as well as boats, vans and sophisticated research equipment.

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B.S. Biology Programs



Pre-Veterinary Medicine



The "3 + 4" Program in Family Practice Medicine

physician doctor 

The "3 + 4" Program in Dental Medicine





A scholarship, provided by the Edinboro University Alumni Association, is available for freshman and sophomore students in pre-medical or pre-dental studies.  The scholarship is based on high school class rank and SAT scores for freshman applicants.  It is based on the college quality point average for sophomores.