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What Students Say


Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)  has a good reputation on campus! During any given year hundreds of students secure services with CAPS. On average, each student who comes to CAPS attends about five sessions, though the majority attend three or less. After a student completes counseling, s/he is encouraged to complete an anonymous satisfaction survey. Over the past five years, hundreds of students have also completed these surveys. Here are some of the written comments students provided on their surveys:

  • I found everything to be very good and professional.  I would highly recommend this service to any other student who needs clarity in thinking or help with any problems.
  • Everything was very professional and I was pleased.
  • I wish I could do long term therapy with my counselor; she was just excellent!
  • I think the program is great!
  • I really enjoyed the amount of input & output that I received.
  •  I felt the services were excellent and adapted well to what I needed.
  • The program is really good and the staff was wonderful!

           Student ratings of our services on the surveys were positive.  Click here  to access a copy of the CAPS survey, rating scale, and results.