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Department News

      • The Geosciences Department is excited to welcome back alumnus, Mr. Justin Stangl. Justin currently works as a GIS Analyst at Erie Water Works and will be speaking to our majors about careers in GIS on Wednesday, November 12 at 3PM in Cooper 217.

        The Geosciences Department hosted a presentation from one of our alumni, Mr. Seth Caton (B.S. Geology, 2011), on 10/16. Seth's talk was entitled "Shale Formation and Evaluation in an Unconventional Reservoir".

        Dr. Reese presented a talk in honor of Earth Science Week, entitled "Earth's connected systems: Large-scale interactions and changes viewed from Earth Observatory satellite imagery" to the Edinboro community on 10/13.

        EUP SGE hosted a special presentation by Mr. Bill Gough, Senior Associate at Moody and Associates, on 9/30.  Mr. Gough discussed what it takes to become a licensed professional geologist and shared his insights on the important work done by geologists.

        Congratulations are extended to our Summer 2014 graduates which include: Ashley Ace, Michael Adelman, Stephanie Dinello, Kristen Fritz, Steve Mattern, Michael Mensah, and Brittney Oleniacz.. 

        Dr. Tshudy (far right in photo below) hosted a visit (May 10 - May 19) by Taiwanese marine biologist, Su-Ching Chang (center in photo below), from National Taiwan Ocean University.  This is part of a long-standing collaboration between paleontologist Tshudy and the marine biologists of the lab of Dr. Tin-Yam Chan, NTOU.  The group is currently studying the evolution of some blind, deep-sea lobsters.  Tshudy visited Chan's lab twice in the past year.


        Congratulations are extended to our May 2014 graduates which include: Ottavio Borgia, Katherine Britt, John Carlson, John Dombrowski, Matthew Hammer, Keith Hayes, Julie Hirt, Ryan Hnida, Aaron Holman, Matthew Hovis, Jeremy Hull, Alexander May, Andrea Pace, Alyssa Piper, Jordan Roose, Philip Schreiber, Shaylin Shupeck, Dale Smith, Allison Swan, and Morgan Yoder. 

        The Geosciences Department is pleased to announce the recipients of our annual scholarships and awards for the spring 2014. They are Ashley Ace (Franco DiPillio Award and the Ramsay Field Camp Scholarship) and Michael Adelman, Michael Eckstrom, Kristin Fritz, and Steven Mattern (Dr. Michael Schneider Geology Field Camp Scholarship). In addition, Ryan Hnida was recognized as our Outstanding Departmental Senior.

        The Geosciences Department is pleased to announce that Dr. Brian Zimmerman has been elected to a three year term as Department Chair effective May 1, 2014.

        Sigma Gamma Epsilon hosted Dr. Nadine McQuarrie, Assistant Professor of Structural Geology / Tectonics in the Department of Geology and Planetary Science at the University of Pittsburgh on March 5th. Dr. McQuarrie presented a talk entitled "The 4-D Kinematics of the Bolivian Orocline".

        Geology major, Brittney Oleniacz, (pictured below) presented her work on the  “Diagenesis of Fossil Brachiopods” at several symposia, including the PASHHE undergraduate research conference at Slippery Rock University (Fall, 2013) and a research conference at the Tom Ridge Center (Fall, 2013).


        Sigma Gamma Epsilon hosted Dr. Don Duggan-Haas, Director of Teacher Programming at the Paleontological Research Institution and its Museum of the Earth and Cayuga Nature Center (Ithaca, NY) on February 25th. Dr. Duggan-Haas presented a talk entitled "There's no such thing as a free megawatt: hydrofracking as a gateway to energy literacy: A brief introduction to the Marcellus Shale and the broader energy system".

        Two of our geology majors, Sarah Steadman and Alex Bear, under the supervision of Dr. Straffin presented their research on the geologic history of Presque Isle at the 9th Annual Research Symposium at the Tom Ridge Center (Nov 2013) and the 2014 GSA Northeastern Section Meeting in Lancaster, PA (March 2014).

        Dr. Karen Eisenhart coordinated a group research project including 10 geography majors: Nicholas Baldwin, Ottavio Borgia, Ryan Hnida, Melissa Normandeau, Thomas Norway, Andrea Pace (pictured on left below), Alyssa Piper, Michael Ritner, Philip Schreiber, and Allison Swan (pictured on right below).  The students presented their research at the Edinboro Celebration of Scholarship and the 2014 annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers held in Tampa, FL.


        Geoscience majors, Josh Stone and Ashley Ace, recently completed independent study projects that used electrical resistivity and seismic refraction, respectively to investigate the Edinboro aquifer with recently acquired equipment under the supervision of Dr. Gryta.

        Congratulations are extended to our December 2013 graduates which include: Anthony Agnello, Nicholas Baldwin, Meagan Chase, Samantha Crotty, Melissa Normandeau, Zachary Poulson, Michael Ritner, Jacqueline Schubert, Shannon Seiler, and Joshua Stone.

        Our SEED student organization continues its efforts to reduce plastic bottle use on campus. Discussions with the EUP Facilities staff has led to new bottle filling stations on campus. In addition, SEED is currently selling reusable aluminum bottles as a fundraiser.

        Dr. David Hurd, our planetarium director, continues his work with NASA on education and public outreach teams and represented Edinboro University at two launch events during the fall 2013 for the LADEE mission to the moon and MAVEN mission heading to Mars.

        The Geosciences Department is pleased to announce the recipients of our three fall 2013 scholarships. Ashley Ace is the recipient of the Dr. Carolyn J. Merry Geosciences Scholarship, Nicholas Baldwin and Meagan Chase are co-recipients of the Outstanding Department Senior Award,  and Ryan Hnida and Steven Mattern are co-recipients of the Department of Geosciences Scholarship.

        Our Department welcomed back our distinguished alumnus, Mr. Mark Wozniak, on October 30th. Mark will be talking to our current majors at 3PM in 217 Cooper Hall about Career Opportunities for Scientists within the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

        The C-Span television cable network visited EUP in mid-October and the work of our planetarium director, Dr. David Hurd, with tactile resources was the focus of one of the feature segments. His segment entitled "Getting the Feel for Lunar Craters" can be seen at

        Dr. Baher Ghosheh served as a panelist for a discussion entitled "Conflagration in the Middle East: Egypt, Syria, and the Mena Region Post Arab Spring". The event took place at 7PM on October 17th in 107A Compton Hall and was sponsored by the North Africa West Asia Studies Committee (NAWA)", which is a committee that is currently chaired by Dr. Ghosheh.

        Dr. Karen Eisenhart coauthored a paper entitled "Drought induces spruce beetle (Dendroctonus rufipennis) outbreaks across northwestern Colorado". The article will be published in the journal Ecology. The pre-print is posted online at and a press release for the article can be found on the University of Colorado's web site at .

        One of our Geography - Environmental Studies majors, Alyssa Piper, spent the summer 2013 measuring trees and collecting tree ring data from plots in the Howard Falls property.

        Congratulations are extended to our May 2013 graduates which include: Aaron Chisholm (recipient of the Outstanding Departmental Senior Award), Stacie Sulkowski, Bennet Porter, Logan Snodgrass, Justina Santiago, Keith Hayes, Daniel McKay, Samantha Crotty, Maria Brooks, Jon-Marc Burdick, Justin Feikls, Andrew Loomis, Melina Messenger, Nicole Ordos, and James Orton.

      • Dr. Tshudy recently made his second trip to Taiwan since December, this time for two weeks of lab work and field work, including a 4-day deep-sea collecting cruise in the Philippine Sea aboard the R/V Ocean Researcher I. Tshudy and his Taiwanese colleagues are studying the taxonomy and evolution of a group of blind, deep-sea lobsters.

      • The Geosciences Department is pleased to announce the recipients of our annual geology field camp scholarships and awards this spring. They are Steve Mattern (Franco DiPillio Award) and Keith Hayes (Ramsay Field Camp Scholarship and Dr. Michael Schneider Geology Field Camp Scholarship).

      • Congratulations are extended to our December 2012 graduates which include: Carolyn Bell, Amanda Davey, Ryan Frawley, Derric Hyde, Merri Luebbert, Kelly Kravos, Jeremy Menzer, Nathan Miller, Regina Remetta, Kyle Smith, and Kate Stukbauer.

      • The Geosciences Department is pleased to announce the recipients of our two fall scholarships. Meagan Chase is the recipient of the Dr. Carolyn J. Merry Geosciences Scholarship and Keith Hayes and Nathan Miller are co-recipients of the Department of Geosciences Scholarship.

      • Professor Dale Tshudy recently (2012) published "Dinochelus steeplensis, a new species of clawed lobster (Nephropidae) from the London Clay (Eocene) of England" in the Journal of Crustacean Biology. The paper resulted from a collaboration with a British "amateur" fossil collector, Mr. Jeffrey Saward. The species is a "missing link" of sorts. It is chronologically, morphologically and bathymetrically intermediate between obvious relatives in older rocks and those in the modern oceans.Prof. Tshudy also coauthored a new book in press, "Ecology and Biology of the Norway Lobster, Nephrops norvegicus". Tshudy covered taxonomy and evolution in the volume edited by British marine biologists, Magnus L. Johnson and Mark P. Johnson. In addition, Prof. Tshudy travelled to Taiwan in December 2012 to collaborate with marine biologists at National Taiwan Ocean University. The collaborators in four countries are studying the evolution of a peculiar group of deep sea lobsters.

      • Congratulations are extended to our French Creek Cleanup Geosciences Team: Brittney Oleniacz, Steve Mattern, Luz Solano, Kyle Kelly, Mike Klink, Breanna Kreckel, and Jessica Nulph. Together they cleaned up 2,700 pounds of trash out of French Creek on September 8th, and were presented with the $200 award for the largest group with the biggest load. Part of their load included multiple tires and a lawn tractor.Together with over 500 others, the volunteers removed over 22,780 pounds of garbage from French Creek and a few of its tributaries.

      • The addition and renovations to Cooper Hall are now complete and the department office and faculty offices have relocated back to Cooper Hall. Our new department office is located in 126 Cooper Hall.

      • Congratulations are extended to our May 2012 graduates which include: Mark Deka, Desiree Fuller, Becky Klauk, Paul Landrio, Jeff Pacansky, Matt Parker, Sally Rizzo, Jeff Salvatore, Jordan Sipos, Jacob Straw, Tim Turner, and Kaitlin Voss.

      • The Department of Geosciences Outstanding Senior Award for the 2011-12 academic year was awarded to Jeff Pacansky. Congratulations Jeff!

      • The Geosciences Department is pleased to announce the recipients of our annual geology field camp scholarships and awards this spring. They are Zachary Robertson (Ramsay Field Camp Scholarship), Adam Baldwin and Hanna Esterly (Dr. Michael Schneider Geology Field Camp Scholarship), and Adam Baldwin (Franco DiPillio Award).

      • Under the supervision of Dr. Karen Eisenhart, environmental studies / geography major Kaitlin Voss worked on a project to develop a wildflower guide for the Howard Falls property during the Spring 2012.

      • Four members of the EUP Geography Club attended the 108th Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers in New York City in February, 2012.

      • Several guest speakers from academia and industry provided invited presentations on various aspects of the Marcellus Shale as part of Dr. Joe Reese's "Geology of the the Marcellus Shale" seminar class this spring.

      • Dr. Laurie Parendes' "Geography of Water Resources" course included a mini-speaker series this spring featuring guest speakers from SUNY - Fredonia and the Edinboro Wastewater Treatment Plant.

      • Under the supervision of Dr. Karen Eisenhart, geography major Rebecca Klauk gave a research presentation on  “Documenting vegetation differences between two sites at Howard Falls Land Trust in northwestern PA using a nested sampling method.”  This presentation was given at the 108th Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers (AAG) in New York City in February.  Ms. Klauk won first place in the 2012 Undergrad/Masters Student Paper Competition of the Biogeography Specialty Group (BSG) of the AAG.

      • Dr. Baher Ghosheh led his Geography of Asia class to China in January 2012.

      • Congratulations are extended to our December 2011 graduates which include: Michael Bauman, Michael Cass, Kimberly Copeland, Melissa Leszek, Ashley O'Hara, and Brittany Roberts.

      • Under the supervision of Dr. Eric Straffin, geology major Adam Baldwin gave a research presentation on “A Continuing Ground Penetrating Radar Survey Examining the Geologic History of Presque Isle, Pennsylvania.”   This presentation was given at the Regional Science Consortium symposium at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center in Erie during the Fall 2011.

      • One of our student organizations within the Geosciences Department, Students for Environmental Defense (SEED), organized a fundraiser called "Reaching Out to Save the Red Ape" to raise awareness about orangutan habitat loss in Indonesia. This Fall 2011 event raised $720 for Orangutan Outreach.

      • The inaugural Dr. Carolyn J. Merry Geosciences Scholarship was awarded during the Fall 2012to one of our environmental geography majors, Ms. Sally Rizzo.

      • Jeff Pacansky and Jordan Sipos were awarded the Department of Geosciences Scholarship for the 2011-12 academic year. 

      • The EUPlanetarium has reopened in the newly renovated area of Cooper Science Hall.

      • Under the supervision of Dr. Richard Deal, environmental studies / geography major Brittany Roberts conducted an independent study using GIS to analyze the effects of land use on water quality in several different watersheds in Pennsylvania during the Fall 2011.

      • Drs. Henry Lawrence and Richard Deal served as co-instructors for our three credit seminar course GEOG 391 - Field Geography during the Summer 2011. Drs. Lawrence and Deal led eight students on a two week trip to Hawaii where they learned about the physical, urban, historical, cultural, and economic geography of the Big Island and Kauai.

      • The Geosciences Department is pleased to announce that Dr. Laurie Parendes has been elected to a three year term as Department Chair effective May 1, 2011.