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Patient Rights and Responsibilities

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  • Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patients have the right to:

  • competent treatment
  • complete and accurate information
  • confidentiality
  • the scope and availability of service
  • information regarding fees for services and payment policies
  • humane care and treatment including respect, consideration and dignity
  • express suggestions & make grievances concerning care received, including those required by law
  • refuse service if it is not a danger to self and others
  • privacy
  • participate in decisions concerning your health care, except when such participation is contraindicated for medical reasons
  • refuse to participate in experimental research
  • change health care provider
  • approve or refuse your medical record release except when required by law

Patients have the responsibility to:

  • provide, to the best of your ability, complete and accurate information in order to ensure proper evaluation and care, including your allergies and sensitivities, response to treatment, pain management, medications including over-the-counter and dietary supplements
  • inform your provider about any living will, medical power of attorney, or other directive that could affect your care
  • follow instructions concerning medications, follow-up appointments and other essential steps in your treatment plan and to notify the provider if plans cannot be followed or if problems develop
  • ask sufficient questions to ensure that you understand your illness or condition
  • show courtesy and respect for the health care personnel and other patients
  • provide a responsible adult to transport you home from the Health Center or emergency room and remain with you for 24 hours, if required by your provider
  • keep appointments or notify the Student Health Services 24-hours in advance if appointments cannot be kept
  • pay for services, medications and supplies provided to you by the Health Center
  • never lend your personal identification to others to obtain health care
  • never lend your medications to others nor borrow medications prescribed to another
  • never give false information to your health care provider