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Edinboro Greek Life
Frank G. Pogue Student Center
Room 233
Edinboro, PA  16444
Phone: 814.732.1459
Fax: 814.732.2665


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Greek Week Schedule

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 April 13- 19, 2013

Theme: "Super Heros"

Saturday 4/13:       10AM Field Events
                                  5PMGreek Sing and Dance                              

Sunday 4/14:          12PM Softball
                                  4PM Floor Hockey (men) and Badmitton (women)
                                  8PM Swimming

Monday 4/15:          4PM Basketball

Tuesday 4/16:         3PM Soccer

Wednesday 4/17:  3PM Board Games
                                  2PM Can-struction
                                  9PM Bowling

Thursday 4/18:       4PM Dodgeball
                                  7PM Volleyball

Friday 4/19:              4PM Football
                                   7PM Awards Ceremony 

Miscellaneous: The judges for all of the events will be non-biased.  In each event, a team will be given one warning for arguing over a call and if it happens again by the same team, THE ENTIRE TEAM WILL BE ELIMINATED!!


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