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Greek Week Board Game Rules

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We will follow the rules of the game, which will be reviewed before the start of the event.

Single elimination


Four people in a team.

Each team draws a total of four pictures. Teams switch between pictures; each correct answer is worth 1point.

Each team has a chance to pass once per picture.

If a team guesses wrong or doesn't know the answer, the other team has a chance to guess the correct answer.

One point for a steal.

Teams have one minute to guess the picture.

Speed rounds begin after the four turns, each team has one minute to guess as many as they can. The other team may not steal.

Each is for one point.

The team with the most points wins.

In case of a tie, questions will be asked until a winner is decided.


The deal:

The dealer deals out two or three cards at a time to all of the players including himself, starting to his left, until all four players have five cards. There will be four cards remaining undealt.

At this point, the dealer will turn up the top card (upcard) of the remaining four which will become a proposed trump suit.

If the suit of the upcard is declared trump by anyone during the first round of bidding, the dealer must pick up the upcard and discard one face down (the dealer gets the card no matter which team orders it up).
the player sitting just left of the dealer is the first player to decide whether or not the suit of the upcard becomes trump.

As long as the bid is passed, the next player to the left has the same options of picking up or passing. At any time a suit is declared trump, the bidding is over and the play begins.

If the first three players all pass (meaning that none of them want to make the suit of the upcard trump), the dealer has his turn to either pick-up the upcard himself, declaring it trump, or to turn it over.
at this point, the players will have an option to pick any of the remaining suits for turmp.

The team who declares trump must win the majority (three) tricks to score.

Rank of cards:


The non-trump suits rank rather normal; Ace high then King, Queen, Jack, Ten and Nine being the lowest.


However, the trump suit is led by the Jack (known as the "Right Bower").


The second highest trump card is the Jack of the same color, black or red (known as the "Left bower").

The player closest to the left of the dealer always leads first by pitching a card out into the center of the table. The play follows clockwise.

Whatever suit is "led" must be "followed" by every player who has one

It is important to note that when a player fails to follow the lead suit when he in fact has a card of that suit, he is guilty of "reneging", penalty of two points are scored for the opposing team.
The Score:

When a partnership declares a suit trump, they must win 3 or 4 tricks in order to score one point. If the makers win all five tricks (called a "march" or a "sweep") they score two.


If the team that called trump does not win at least 3 tricks, they are said to be "euchred", thus the other team scores two points.


When a player feels that their hand is strong enough to win all of the tricks by themselves, they can call "alone" and play the hand without their partner. If they successfully win all five tricks, their team scores four points. A lone attempt that wins 3 or 4 tricks scores one point and a lone bid that fails to take at least 3 tricks, it is euchred and the other team scores two.


The first team to score ten points wins the game.