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Greek Week Volleyball Rules

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The ceiling, walls, and court dividers are out of play.


A player cannot enter an adjacent court to play the ball.


Players' Equipment: jewelry is not allowed, for safety reasons. Medical or religious medals must be removed from chains or taped/sewn under the uniform. Hair barrettes are permitted to secure hair.


Player substitution may be made when the ball is dead, upon making the request to the referee.


All matches shall consist of the best 2 of 3 games.


A coin toss will determine who serves the first game of the match. The team captains will call the toss. The winner will choose: 1) first serve; 2) to receive the first serve; or 3) the choice of the court for the first game. The loser may choose from the other options.


A new coin toss is performed before the third game, if necessary.


After each game, and at 10 points in the deciding game, the teams will switch sides.


The server shall have five seconds after the referee's "ready to serve" whistle in which to contact the ball for service. If, after releasing or throwing the ball for service, the server allows the ball to fall to the floor without touching it, the service effort shall be cancelled and a reserve directed.


The service is considered good if the ball passes over the net between the antenna or their definite extensions.


The team not serving first in the game shall serve first in the second game.


The team that receives the ball first in a game shall rotate once before serving.


At the time that the ball is contacted for service, the placement of the players on the court must be in the proper service order (the server is exempt).


Each team is allowed a maximum of three successive contacts of the ball in order to return the ball to the opponent's area.


The ball may be hit with any part of the body on or above the knee.


Players may have successive contacts of the ball during blocking and during a single attempt to make the first team contact (even if the ball is blocked) provided it is one attempt to play the ball, there is no finger action during the effort, and the ball is not held or thrown.


When the ball visibly comes to rest momentarily in the hands or arms of a player, it is considered as having been held. The ball must be hit in such a manner that it rebounds cleanly after contact with a player. Scooping, lifting, pushing, or allowing the ball to roll on the body shall be considered a form of holding. A ball clearly hit with one or both hands from a position below the ball is considered a good play.


A player is not allowed to attack the ball on the opposite side of the net. If the ball is hit above the spiker's side of the net and the follow-through causes the spiker's hand and arm to cross the net without touching an opponent or the net, it is not a fault.


Any player participating in a block shall have the right to make the next contact.

Blocking a serve is prohibited.

Blocking the ball across the net above the opponent's court shall be legal provided that such a block is:

·         After a player of the attacking team has spiked the ball;

·         In the referee's judgment, has directed the ball into his/her opponent's court;

·         After the opponents have completed their three allowable hits;

·         After the opponents have hit the ball so that, in the referee's judgment, the ball would clearly cross the net if not touched by a player, provided no member of the attacking team is in a position to make a legal play on the ball; If the ball is falling near the net and no member of the attacking team could reasonably make a play on the ball.


If a player's action causes the player to contact the net during play, whether accidentally or not, with any part of the player's body or uniform, it shall constitute a fault. Hair does not constitute of fault.

Contacting the opponent's playing area with any part of the body except the feet is a fault. Touching the opponent's area with a foot or feet is not a fault providing that some part of the encroaching foot or feet remain on or above the centerline.

When the receiving team commits a fault, a point is awarded to the serving team.

A non-deciding game (games 1 and 2) is won when a team reaches 15 points and has at least a two-point advantage over its opponents. No games shall exceed 17 points.

Single elimination.

Best of 3 games.

Play to 15 points, must win by 2 points.

Two officials at each net.

Rules may be changed at the discretion of the referees if approved by the GW Chairs (ie substituting rally scoring)