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Dr. Kahan Sablo
Vice President for Student Affairs
Pogue Student Center
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Handbook: Academic Attendance

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class attendance


Students are expected to attend each class meeting in its entirety.  Faculty members shall maintain a record of classroom attendance.  Each student is responsible for verifying his or her attendance when arriving late to class and/or justifying early departure. 

Class absences are excused for medical reasons, University activities approved by the appropriate Vice President or designee, and/or for personal exigencies.  University activities appropriate to be considered as an excused absence include, but are not limited to, scheduled athletic events, cultural events, and academic competitions in which the student is a participant.  Other appropriate situations include military duties, auto accidents, death in immediate family, and/or medical emergencies.  Verification of such absences may be required by the instructor, and the student is responsible for makeup work as required by the instructor. 

A student, who has been recognized by an individual faculty member as potentially benefiting from learning experiences that complement regular classroom attendance, may contract with their instructor for a mutually agreeable alternative to regular classroom attendance.

Faculty members are encouraged to consider class attendance in their grading.  A student shall have the privilege of unexcused absences equal to the number of classes held in a week, or to one absence per credit hour, whichever is less.