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Dr. Kahan Sablo
Vice President for Student Affairs
Pogue Student Center
Edinboro University
Edinboro, PA 16444
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Handbook: Student Life Recreation

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Recreational Sports


Mr. Dave Goodwill
Coordinator of Campus Programs and Recreation
217 Pogue Student Center


Looking to participate in a recreational sport?  Stop by and check out all the action associated with the Recreational Sports program.  Recreational sports are offered throughout the Fall and Spring semester in either a league or tournament format for both men and women.  Some of the activities available for competition include volleyball, softball, basketball, racquetball, soccer, kickball, and flag football.  Check out any new postings and information at the Recreational Sports Office in the Fitness Center.

Look for Recreational Sports information to be posted within your Residence Hall.

For more information please visit the University Recreational Sport website