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Handbook: Student Services Ghering Health and Wellness

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Ghering Health and Wellness Center




Dr. Ronald Martin, Medical Director
Ms. Darla Elder, Director of the Ghering Health & Wellness Center 

Ghering Health and Wellness Center in McNerney Hall

The University is genuinely concerned that students remain in their maximum state of wellness.  By offering services that can make you feel healthier, you will be able to stay in the classroom, increase your academic participation, and perform at your highest potential.  Student Health Services is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) and is staffed by licensed family practice physicians, certified registered nurse practitioners, and registered nurses with several years experience in nursing.

It is the goal of the staff to provide episodic health care for many illnesses and injuries, to educate, and to encourage self-care. The staff also provides information and instruction on health promotion, disease and injury prevention so students can become informed health care consumers.

The staff is very knowledgeable of campus and community resources and referral options.  Students will be referred off campus to area agencies for serious medical conditions.  If your condition warrants ambulance transportation, the expense is the responsibility of the student or their insurance carrier.  Because confidentiality laws limit the amount of information that can be released without verbal or written consent, students are encouraged to have open communications with family regarding their illness and/or treatment.

Laboratory services are located close to campus and on the EMTA bus route.  Some services available through Student Health Services are, but not limited to: TB skin testing, limited laboratory services, allergy and routine injections, wound dressings, immunizations, free HIV counseling and testing, free STD testing, men's clinic, and women's clinic.  Counseling services are also available to address domestic violence, sexual assault, and drug and alcohol abuse issues.  For further information or to schedule an appointment, call 814-732-2743.

Ghering Health Center