Student Handbook

Dr. Kahan Sablo
Vice President for Student Affairs
Pogue Student Center
Edinboro University
Edinboro, PA 16444
(814) 732-2313


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Handbook: Student Services Ombudsperson

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University Ombudsman Office

The university Ombudsman is a confidential resource for all members of the campus community to talk with informally, anytime, about anything.  The Ombudsman provides a safe and neutral place for faculty, staff, students, parents and retirees to discuss conflicts, concerns or problems. 

The Ombudsman can offer options for resolution; can mediate and conflict, or explain policy and procedures, and is strictly confidential.  The Ombudsman is committed to the pursuit of equity and fairness.  Anyone can contact the Ombudsman as a safe first step in dealing with a problem, as a last resort, or at any point along the way -- especially if you don’t know what to do, where to go, or who to talk to.   

Contact the Ombudsman

I will arrange a confidential meeting at a time and place convenient for you.  It is helpful if you make an appointment, but you can drop by the office without an appointment.  I can be most effective if I meet with you, but if you prefer, I can work with you over the telephone.  I generally do not work through e-mail and discourage you from e-mailing any confidential information. 

Marilyn Goellner

(814) 732-1710 or
(814) 440-1482
Alumni House
210 Meadville Street, 2nd Floor
(across the street from Cole Auditorium)

Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  By appointment at other times and other locations, if necessary.

For more information and additional FAQ, please refer to Ombuds Office website.