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Code of Conduct: Relevant University Policies


Code of Conduct


¨ Inspection and Searches - (a) Inspection by University Officials: Theinspection of student rooms by authorized University personnel to determinecompliance with cleanliness, safety, health and welfare is permitted at reasonable times. Office of Residence Life and Housing reserves the right to inspect individual rooms to insure proper maintenance of health and safety standards; take inventory; make necessary repairs; perform extermination/pest control services; add/remove furniture; and enforce University policies. Evidence discovered during such an inspection can be usedagainst students in any University disciplinary proceedings. A search permit isnot required for searches having to do with cleanliness, safety, health andwelfare. (b) Search by University Officials: A search permit stating probable cause, and signed by an appropriate University official, shall constitute properauthority to conduct a room search. Search permits may be signed by thePresident of the University, the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairsand Student Success, or their designees, upon a written showing of probablecause of violation of University rules. Information received and objectsconfiscated through investigations by use of the search permit may be usedas evidence in proceedings by University authorities.


¨ Vacating the Residence Halls - Residents must properly check out of their residence hall assignment within 24 hours after withdrawing from the Universityor 24 hours after their last final exam. Residents with an extenuating need to remain beyond this time frame must receive prior approval from the Director of Residence Life and Housing.


¨    Zero Tolerance for Alcohol and Other Drugs - The University will not tolerate the use, possession, and/or distribution of alcohol or drugs.  These activities present a danger to the University community and detract from the educational mission of the institution. Students may be denied admittance into University facilities if it is believed they are under the influence of, or in  possession of, alcohol or illegal drugs.  Negative behavior that results from the    use of  alcohol and/or other drugs will not be tolerated in the University community.    All instances of drug and alcohol usage will be formally adjudicated by the Office of Student Judicial Affairs and, wherever possible, local police authorities.

¨    Damages - The condition of the residence halls is the responsibility of each person living within the halls.  Residents will be billed for damages within their specific room.  In cases where neither roommate claims responsibility for the damage, the cost associated with the damage will be divided between both roommates.  In order to avoid any unnecessary damage billing, it is very important that residents carefully complete their property clearance sheet,  listing all pre-existing conditions.  Damage or theft of University property occurring in common areas is the joint responsibility of residents sharing the living community.   Damage or theft in lounges, study areas, laundry rooms, bathrooms, etc., will be billed to all students living within that area, unless the individual(s) responsible for the damage can be identified.

Skating/Skateboarding/Bicycles - Students may employ the use of in-line skates, skateboards, bicycles, and/or similar items to move about campus at their own risk of injury to themselves, third persons or damage to property.  The campus of Edinboro University has been designed for pedestrian traffic and not for these modes of movement.

These modes of transportation are never to be utilized inside of buildings. Exhibitions, tricks, or any travel that may involve the use of skates, skateboards, bicycles, or other means of conveyance that demonstrates an indifference to University property and/or has the potential to damage property is forbidden. At all times, pedestrians not utilizing these modes of transportation shall be given the right of way and at no time should their movement by impeded or safety compromised by the use of these items.  At no time should the use of these devices disrupt or compromise the safety of a university event or activity.

These items will always be operated in a safe and courteous manner, and at no time shall such actions include sliding up, down, or across any fixed object that is not specifically intended for such use. Additionally, for safety reasons, no jumps over or onto any fixed objects, such as chains, barriers, planters, benches, tables, railings, walls, or other University property is permitted.  Students may be held responsible for all repair costs for any affiliated damages. 

Students shall immediately discontinue the use of any such device at the direction of university personnel.

The decision to use these devices shall operate as acquiescence of the student to indemnify to hold the University harmless for any damage to university property or injury to any person resulting from such use.

¨    Solicitation in the Residence Halls - including research is strictly prohibited.  The Residence Life and Housing Office believes that the residence halls should be a place where students may sleep, study, socialize, and succeed as students in an environment free from distractions.  To that end, we view the residence halls as our students' home rather than another academic or public building on the campus.  Therefore, solicitation of any kind is strictly prohibited.   Any violations of this directive will result in formal judicial charges.  Requests to distribute items in the residence halls are to be made with the Director of Residence Life and Housing.