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Code of Conduct: Victim's Rights

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Victims of crime are guaranteed certain rights as required by federal and state law.  All victims will have the following rights:


1.  The right to have any and all allegations treated with seriousness.

2.  The right to be treated with dignity.

3.  The right to pursue any and all avenues of redress.

4.  The right to be informed of University resources, including, but not  limited to the University Police, counseling services, affirmative action, and student health services.

5.  At the victim's option, the right to have allegations investigated and adjudicated by the Office of Student Judicial Affairs.

6.  The right, upon request, to have reasonable steps taken by the Coordinator of Student Judicial Affairs to prevent any unnecessary or unwanted contact with alleged assailants.

Victims of a "crime of violence" are guaranteed the rights listed above in addition to the following:

1.  The same right as the accused to have an advisor present at any University disciplinary proceeding.

2.  The right to have only those questions relevant to the charges asked during the disciplinary investigation and hearing.  The chairperson may exclude statements and questions concerning the prior sexual history of any party if deemed irrelevant.

3.  The right to provide a victim's impact statement verbally or in writing to the chairperson.

4.  The right to be present and hear all testimony and evidence related to the disciplinary charges.

5.  The right to be notified of the outcome of disciplinary proceedings.  Victim requests to be notified of disciplinary proceeding outcomes must be made in writing to the Coordinator of Student Judicial Affairs.  All written requests will be answered.

 6.  The right to submit a statement to be considered during any appeal.

There are several offices available to assist victims of crime on campus including the University Police, Health and Wellness Center, Counseling Center, and the Office of Student Judicial Affairs.