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Date Finding Aid Created/ Updates: February 2003

Title: Allshouse Collection, 1899-1989

Inclusive Dates: 1899-1989 Numerous items in this collection did not have identifiable dates. Some items may lay outside of the date range.

Creator: The Cooper and Allshouse families.

Extent: 6 linear feet, 4 boxes, 3 spearate photo albums.

Edinboro University Archives
Baron- Forness Library
Edinboro University
Edinboro, Pa 16444


The Allshouse collection contains information regarding Dorothy Allshouse's life and work. The collection is separated in five series: papers, community activities, college, photos, and diplomas and certifications. The information within these series are only snapshots of Mrs. Allshouse.

Acquisition Information: This collection was donated to the University by the heirs of Dorothy Cooper Allshouse.

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Allshouse Collection
Edinboro University Archives

Access Restriction: Available to Researchers for use in the University Archives.

Copyright: Edinboro University of Pennsylvania 2003

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Dorothy Cooper Allshouse was born and raised in Edinboro, Pennsylvania. She was the granddaughter of Joseph Cooper, principal of the State Normal School from 1863 to 1891. Dorothy married Harold Allshouse. She also worked at the College Bookstore in downtown Edinboro. The bookstore was a family business. During her spare time, she was an avid gardener and volunteer.

Scope and Content Notes:

The collection ranges from 1899 to 1989. Although it should be noted, there are many items in the collection that are undated and may alter the date range. Within the collection, there are a variety of personal letters; photos that are both identifiable and unidentifiable; and booklets regarding organizations which she belonged to. Also, there is information from Edinboro State College and diplomas and certifications obtained by her father and herself.

Organization of Collection:

I. Allshouse Collection
A. Papers
B. Community Activities
C. College
D. Photos
E. Diplomas and Certifications

Series Description:


This series contains information regarding Dorothy Allshouse, family and friends. There are letters in the series to Mrs. Allshouse as well as to her grandfather, AJ Cooper, for his 95th birthday. Also, there are newspaper articles about J.A Cooper 55th Wedding Anniversary and his 97th Birthday. Other items in the series include: Harry Cooper's death certificate, Cooper's store documents, program for Harold Allshouse memorial service, A. Sherwood contract with a school, saving account books, and her stamp collection. There are articles on Dorothy Skinner and the Briggers House as well as the speech Dorothy Allshouse gave for the dedication of Cooper Science Hall.

Community Activities

This series contains information from two community organizations that Dorothy Allshouse belonged to as member. Also, there are local yearbooks that she collected. The first organization found in the series is called the Heather Club. The club was organized in 1940 and was affiliated with the Erie County Council of Garden Clubs. There are booklets that contained the Heather Clubs schedule for the given year. The booklets range from 1947 to 1987.

The second organization in the series is called the Shadbush Club named after the flowering bush associated with service. This club was organized in 1935 and its purpose was to stimulate a warm fellowship between the women of Edinboro and the College. Further, the club gathered to combine enjoyable intellectual activities with participation in the community affairs of Edinboro. Finally, there are two yearbooks from Edinboro High School (1937-38) and Union City High School named The Anvil (1922).


This series contains information regarding Dorothy's association with Edinboro College. There are two yearbooks(1918,1919) dedicated the seniors of the respective years. Also, there are two editions alumni newsletters. The Alumni Bulletin from 1930 and Edinboro College Alumni Annual from 1973. Both of these newsletters update alumni on the news at College. There are copies of the DEBUT of Edinboro State College from 1964, 1966 and 1967. The DEBUT was a literary magazine that consisted of a collection of short stories, poems, etc. Finally, there is a program for the dedication of Dearbon Hall, Earp Hall, Cooper Science Hall, Sox Harrison Stadium and Athletic Field. The dedication occurred on October 2, 1965.


This series contains a plethora of photographs. The photographs are both identified and unidentified of various places and people. Specifically, there are many unidentified portrait photographs. Also, there is 8mm film entitled Dorothy Allshouse that includes holiday events as well as other outings. Other photographs include favorite vacation spots, Joseph Cooper, and old postcards.

Diplomas and Certifications

This series contains diplomas and certifications that Dorothy received from high school through graduate school. She received her high school diploma in Edinboro. She earned her Bachelor of Science from State Teacher's College of Edinboro and her Master of Education from the University of Pittsburgh. Dorothy also obtained teacher certifications from the Department of Public Instruction. Also, contained in the series are certificates authorizing postal carrying abilities to her father, Harry Cooper. These certificates were signed by Presidents William Howard Taft and William McKinley.

Controlled Access Terms:

Allshouse, Dorothy Cooper
Cooper, Joseph
Cooper, Harry Lee
Edinboro State College
College Bookstore
Shadbush Club
McKinley, William
Taft, William Howard

Contents List:

Box Code: Allhouse 1


News Articles about J.A Cooper 55th Wedding Anniversary and his 97th Birthday 1916-?
Letters to J.A. Cooper on his 95th Birthday 1929
Old letters to Dorothy Cooper/ Allshouse 1946-89
Speech given by Dorothy Cooper- Allshouse at dedication of Cooper Science Hall
News article on Dorothy Skinner 1968
Death Certificate of Harry Lee Cooper 1956
Cooper's store name documents 1946
News Articles on Dorothy Cooper-Allshouse 1984-?
Memorial Service Program for Harold Allshouse July 9, 1962
Savings Account books 1922/ 1924-45
Stamp Collection
A. Sherwood contract with a school 1824
News Articles on the selling of Briggers House
Report of the Triennial Meeting of the class of 1859; New Haven 1863
Yale- Class of 1859- 46th year memoranda 1905
Milwaukee State Teacher's College Directory- 1938-39, 1940-41
Milwaukee State Teacher's College- The Echo (yearbook) 1938

Community Activities

Edinboro Heather Club booklets 1947-1987
The Shadbush Club 1958-63/ 1966-72
The Shadbush Club 1972-8/ 1982-87
Edinboro High School yearbook 1937-38
Union City High School ; The Anvil (yearbook) 1922


Senior Life 1918, 1919
Alumni Bulletin 1930 Vol. 1 #2
Dedication programs for: Dearborn, Earp, Cooper Science Hall, and Sox Harrison Stadium and Athletic field
Edinboro College Alumni Annual 1973
ESC- Copies of DEBUT 1964, 1966, 1967
Edinboro State College Education Dept. Booklet 1960's
College Majors as a guide to Career Placement-Liberal Arts Placement-Counseling State House 1973


Old Negatives
Places- photographs (old)
Unidentified People- photographs (old)
Identified People- photographs (old)
Photographs-people (newer)
Photographs- places (newer)
Photographs of Joseph Cooper
Dorothy Allshouse Collection: 8mm Film #1
Dorothy Allshouse Collection: 8mm Film #2
Old Postcards 1904-1907
Old Postcards 1905-1906
Old Postcards 1904-1906
Old Postcards 1902-1908

Box Code: Allhouse 2

People Identified #1-47
People Identified #50-51;54-85; 88-118
People Unidentified #1-75
People Unidentified #76-271
Identified Buildings
Unidentified Buildings
Landscape/ Vacation Spot Identified
Landscape/ Vacation Spot Unidentified
Post Cards and Business Cards Identified
Postcards Unidentified
Unidentified Portrait # 1-15
Unidentified Portrait # 16-30
Unidentified Portrait # 31-45
Unidentified Portrait # 46-54

Box Code: Allhouse 3

People Unidentified (framed) #1
People Unidentified (framed) #2
People Unidentified (framed) #3
People Unidentified (framed) #4
People Unidentified (framed) #5
People Identified #48
People Identified #49
People Identified #52
People Identified #53
People Identified #86
People Identified #87
People Unidentified #261
Music Sheets- That Mesmerizing Mendelssohn Tune
Music Sheets- Kinderscenen
Music Sheets- I'm crazy 'bout the Turkey Trot
Music Sheets- Ev'ry Little Bit Helps
Music Sheets- Everybody's Doin' It Now
Music Sheets- Opern-Melodien
Mail Sealer (Dorothy Cooper)

Box Code: Allshouse 4

Diplomas and Certifications

Edinboro High School Diploma 1917 (Dorothy Cooper)
State Normal School Diploma 1921(Dorothy Cooper)
Normal Teachers' Certificate 1919 (Dorothy Cooper)
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania College Diploma B.S. in Education 1929 (Dorothy Cooper)
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania College Certification B.S. in Education 1932 (Dorothy Cooper)
University of Pittsburgh Diploma Master of Education (Dorothy Cooper)
Certificate Authorizing of Postal Carrier 1899 (Harry Cooper)
Certificate Authorizing of Postal Carrier 1900 (Harry Cooper)
Certificate Authorizing of Postal Carrier 1907 (Harry Cooper)
Certificate Authorizing of Postal Carrier 1908 (Harry Cooper)
Certificate Authorizing of Postal Carrier 1912 (Harry Cooper)