Papers of Edmund Abegg, 1966-2000

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Title: Papers of Edmund Abegg, 1966-1998

Inclusive Dates: 1966-2000, bulk 1970-1998

Creator: Edmund Abegg

Extent: 6 linear feet, 4 boxes

Section: University Related

Record Group: Abegg

Box Codes: Abegg 1,2,3,4

Shelf: 131-132

Edinboro University Archives
200 Tartan Rd.
Baron-Forness Library
Edinboro University
Edinboro, PA 16444

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Papers of Edmund Abegg, 1966-2000
Edinboro University Archives

Abstract: These papers reflect the work of Dr. Edmund Abegg, a professor in Edinboro University's Philosophy Department, during the years 1966 to 1998. They include his work within the university and his work as a philosopher.

Acquisition Information: Dr. Abegg contacted the university archives wishing to donate his papers. He drew them out of his file cabinets and sent them to the archive.

Copyright: Dr. Abegg granted the university physical custody of the material, not intellectual rights.

Biography: Dr. Edmund Abeg retired from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in 2003. He is now an emeritus professor in the philosophy department. He comes from a distinguished academic background. In 1954 he earned his B.A. in history from Rutgers University. He continued on at Rutgers to earn his M.A. in history in 1955. From 1955-56 he was a part-time student at the University of Pennsylvania, while at the same time serving as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force.

As he studied for his M.A. and PhD. in Philosophy from 1957 to 1969, he worked as an assistant registrar at Rutgers and then at the University of Rochester.

In 1966, in the midst of his studies, he entered Edinboro State College as an assistant professor of philosophy. From 1981 to 1985 he was chairperson of the department and again in 1999 to 2000 he served as acting chair of the department. He has a long list of publications and papers presented at various conferences.

On the Edinboro campus he served on a number of department committees and university-wide committees. These included the college senate, Academic Standards Committee, the president's Faculty Advisory Committee and the departments General Education Course Review Committee.

Dr. Abegg was also a member of professional organizations in philosophy. He was on the four person Executive Committee of the Tri-State Philosophical Association.

Scope and Content: Documents pertaining to Edinboro University's philosophy department, Edinboro University Senate, APSCUF (the faculty union), Tri-State Philosophical Association, Institute for Ethics and Values Education(IEVE) and philosophical treatises written by Dr. Abegg are included. The collection of APSCUF documents are particularly useful in describing two tense periods in Edinboro's history, the decision to choose APSCUF as the faculty bargaining agent and the 1979 retrenchment of Edinboro faculty.

The Institute for Ethics and Values Education (IEVE), is a subgroup of the University's Center for Excellence in Education. The IEVE was active in publishing a newsletter and organizing various events.

His personal treatises show a process of revision as they progress toward publication. The subject matter also reveals the breadth of Dr. Abegg research.

Organization of the Collection:
A. Philosophical Treatises
B. Papers

Series Descriptions:
The Philosophical Treatises series contains philosophical papers written by Dr. Abegg. These papers appear to have been prepared for publication or presentation. There are a series of drafts for most of the papers.

In the Papers series are documents that reflect Dr. Abegg's professional involvements and his participation in university committees and governance.

Controlled Access Terms:
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Labor unions and education
Philosophy teachers


Box: Abegg 1
Series: Philosophical Treatises
Shelf: 131

Abegg research archives, vita, general info
Abegg dessertation, 1968
Academic festival, church/state 1985
Academic festival, US constitution, 1987
Academic festival, post modernism, 1990
Array model paper, 1985
Array paper, 1986
Array model etc., 1986
Array paper, older versions
Array, revision 1988
Array, paper, 1987,1988
Array, paper, 1990
Array, paper, 1995
Comments on rape paper, 1992
Course outlines,1971
Colliding galaxies, values newsletter, 1997
Course evaluation, 1969, 1970
Course evaluation, 1970
Crabs, coffins, capitalism paper, 1979
Critique of Nozick, 1981
Dworkin paper, 1989
E.A. law encyclopedia articles, 1999
Ethics essay, 1980
Faculty forum, E.A. mendacity, 1981
Freud and evil, holocaust rememberance, 2003
Gauthier, comments on Grunebram paper, 1988
Genetic significance, moral sig., 1980
Genetic significance, paper, 1980
Genetic significance, E.A. and abstracts, 1980
Genetic significance, older edition and rough drafts, 1982
Genetic significance, revision, 1980
Genetic significance, notes etc., 1982
Genetic significance, 1982
Genetic significance, 1983
Genetic significance, corr. and info,1982-2003
Intrinsic value, 2001
IVR culture mobility rights, 1995
Justice and intrinsic value of humans, 2001
Intro to philosophy, text written by and used by E. Abegg, 1986
Letter on Iraq War, 1991
Meaning and def., original, 1974
Metaethical subjectivism, 2003
Moral basis of political phil., 1983
Moral guidance, 1993
Moral realism paper with Richard Double, 1994
Neutrality and commitment, 1993
Nicaragua, ca. 1984
On Rorty and irony, 1991
Panel on Goldhagen, 2000
Particularism and consequentialism, 1989
Philosophy of history papers, 1970-71
Philosophy of religion paper, 1964-65
Pluralism and political society, 1987-88
Privacy, 1974, 1977
Proofs of God, critique, 1964
Rawls and plural polities, ca. 1995
Religious reasons, 1998
Satre on emotions, 1993
Secession, 1996
SSHE conference, equality and amintaphil, 1996
Theorizing and dreaming, 1993
Travel narrative, europe, 1988
Utilitarism and indiv., paper, 1981
World and life, 1997
WWV paper, 1995
WWV paper, 1997
Political Morality- advanced draft 2008

Box: Abegg 2
Series: Papers
Shelf: 131

Academic standards, 1970-71
Academic standards, 1972-73
Academic standards committee, 1971-72
Academic standards minutes, 1971-72
Administrative PR 1984-85
Administrative/department 1974
Administrative/faculty info 1969-73
Administrative briefing notes, 1983
Advisement, 1985
APSCUF, 1970-74
APSCUF, 1973-74
APSCUF, 1974-75
APSCUF, contracts, 1974, 1977
AAUP and APSCUF, 1970-71
APSCUF, retrenchment, 1979
APSCUF, retrenchment bail out, 1982
APSCUF, retrenchment items, 1979
APSCUF, retrenchment, 1980
APSCUF, 1977-78, 82,84, 86-86
APSCUF newsletter, 1983-84
APSCUF, 1989-95
APSCUF, dialog etc., 1989-92
APSCUF, 1996-98
Book orders, 1972
Computer grading, 1979
Computer info, [nd]
Computer center info, 1990
Computer, 1991
Computer at office, 1991
Eliewiesel prize, 1994-95
Faculty advisory group, 1991-93
Faculty Association committee on faculty rights, 1970
Faculty newsletters, 1972-73
Faculty newsletter, res. council newsletter, 1973-75
Faculty advisory group, 1992
General education, department, 1992
General education, transmittal sheets to curr. com., 1992
General education, 1990
General education, new courses, 1992-95
General education, 1992
General education, 1993

Box: Abegg 3
Series: Papers

General education, 1992-93
General education ourline revision, 1994
General education survey, 1993
IEVE, values and education committee, 1992
IEVE, 1992
IEVE, SSHE conference, 1993
IEVE, info, articles, etc., 1993
IEVE, 1993-94
IEVE, 1994
IEVE, 1995(a)
IEVE, 1995(b)
IEVE, 1994-95
IEVE, campus conduct code project, 1996
IEVE, ethics code project, 1996
IEVE, 1996-7
Mic. on higher ed, 1970-74
Pass-fail, 1970-72
Phil. dept. plans, minutes of meetings, 1966-67
Phil. dept. minutes, 1968-69, 1969-70
Phil. dept. minutes, 1970-71
Phil. dept. minutes, 1971
Phil. dept. misc., 1971-72
Phil. dept. billing, 1971-72
Phil. dept. 1972-73
Saegertown H.S. phil. class, 1973
Senate, 1968
Senate, 1969-70
Senate, 1970-71
Senate, ca. 1971
Senate, 1971
Senate, 1971-72
Senate, agendas and minutes, 1971-72
Senate, 1972-73

Box: Abegg 4
Series: Papers
Shelf: 132

Tri-State, general information, 1966
Tri-State, 1971-72
Tri-State, 1978-80
Tri-State, spring 1985
Tri-State, fall 1985
Tri-State, spring and fall 1986
Tri-State, spring 1986
Tri-State, fall 1986
Tri-State, spring 1987(a)
Tri-State, spring 1987(b)
Tri-State, spring 1988, spring 1989
Tri-State, fall 1988
Tri-State, 1989
Tri-State, fall 1989
Tri-State, april 1989
Tri-State, spring 1989
Tri-State, spring 1990(a)
Tri-State, spring 1990(b)
Tri-State, fall 1990
Tri-State, spring 1991(a)
Tri-State, spring 1991(b)
Tri-State, fall 1991
Tri-State, spring 1992
Tri-State, fall 1992
Tri-State, spring 1993
Tri-State, fall 1993
Tri-State, spring 1994
Tri-State, fall 1994
Tri-State, spring 1995
Tri-State, fall 1995
Tri-State, spring 1996
Tri-State, fall 1996
Tri-State, spring 1997
Tri-State, fall 1997(a)
Tri-State, fall 1997(b)
Tri-State, spring 1998

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