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Title:Edinboro University Alumni Office, 1907-2010

Inclusive Dates: 1907-2010. The bulk of the items are from 1930-1999.

Creator: Alumni Office of Edinboro

Record Group:Alumni Office

Series:Alumni News, New Student Record,Publications, Alumni Bulletin

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Edinboro University Archives
Baron- Forness Library
Edinboro University
Edinboro, Pa 16444

Scope and Content

This record group, "Administration and Institutional Advancement" encompasses all of the material in the archives relating to the Alumni Office, including Alumni affairs and the Alumni Association. The earliest materials are dated 1913. From this date to through the 1970's there is a consistent run of material, but it is a thin quantity. Beginning in 1980 there is a marked increase in the number of alumni publications.

Materials related to specific graduating classes can be found in the Hopkin's Collections and in the Class Records record groups.

The first official bulletin published by the Alumni Association was in 1929, although previous alumni bulletins were published by the school in 1919 and 1924.

Included in these records are sporadic alumni newsletters which chronicle happenings in Edinboro as well as updated information on individual alumni, documentation of financial contributions to the Alumni Fund, Alumni Reunion information (invitations to Alumni Luncheons and other functions), alumni directories and various correspondence from the Alumni Office.

These Alumni records are relatively incomplete, particularly in regard to the functioning of the office but do contain important information on specific alumni and alumni activities.

Administrative History
Alumni are an important part of a school's history and it is essential to keep ties with them. The first listing of alumni was published in 1919 and was consistently published by the Alumni Association beginning in 1929.

Dorothy Cooper Allshouse, granddaughter of the third principal of Edinboro Joseph A. Cooper, was one of the major figures leading the group of alumni during the formative year of the Alumni Association. Justina Baron, an alumnus of 1917 and one of the school's librarians, served as a guiding force behind the Alumni Association during her tenure as Executive Secretary from 1937-1962.

Following Miss Baron two people served as Executive Secretary of Alumni. This changed to a Director's title in 1978. The names of the people who served in these capacities are as follows.

Executive Secretary of Alumni

William A. Cornell 1962-1973
Marvin Ellis 1973-1978

Alumni Director

Emil Magdik 1978-1981
Donald Hoffman 1981-88
Patricia Murphy-Rivera 1988-89
Coleen Holmes 1989-94
Janet L. Bowker 1994-

The Alumni Association also elects its own officers. The directors listed above were the employees of the alumni office.

Annual meetings of the Alumni Association were held on campus. In 1959, Edinboro's local Alumni Association became an active member in the Council of General Alumni Association of State Colleges, which was designed to foster support for the Pennsylvania State Colleges.

Upon the President of the Alumni Association's appointment to the school's Board of Trustees as a non-voting member in 1963, the Alumni Association gained a more active voice within the administration.

Alumni throughout the years have donated many projects designed to better the campus. A clock was added to the famous Normal Hall tower on Alumni Day in 1905. Beautification projects were done by the classes of 1908, 1909, 1910, which included building of stone gates and archways and planting trees. The class of 1915 established a loan program in that year. Each following graduating class would contribute to the fund in order to finance scholarships for students in need.

More recently the alumni Association supports the University through monetary contributions which provide scholarships, student loans, and support for athletics. They have also continued the tradition of publishing an alumni newsletter which today is called Alumni News. This newsletter highlights significant achievements of alumni as well as current events happening at the university and updated personal information on alumni.

In addition, the Alumni Association holds annual spring and summer Legacy weekends, conducts Distinguished Alumni and Art Achievement award programs, hosts regional gatherings for Edinboro alumni around the country, holds special programming during Homecoming weekend and sponsors a "Senior Send-off" celebration after commencement.

The Alumni Office is also instrumental in publishing alumni directories and attempting to track down lost alumni as well contacting them to make financial contributions in order to continue to build up the University. Alumni support is very import to a school as it reflects the positive experiences of the former students and the strong ties that still bind them to their former school.

Location History

The oldest build on campus, Academy Hall was built in 1857 for $3,500 and sold to the trustees of the then Edinboro Academy. This was home to the offices of the Alumni Affairs and Alumni Association from 1962-95.

The present Alumni House was begun on May 23, 1994 and dedicated the following June at the annual Alumni Weekend. At the dedication Foster Diebold said "we have needed a modern and spacious facility for our many alumni programs and activities for a number of years." It is a 3-story brick structure that cost $350,000 and holds space for the Alumni Office as well as conference and meeting rooms. The build is located on Meadville Street next to the President's residence.

Box: AIA Alum 1
Shelf: 126
Series:Alumni News
Note: Since 2010 the Alumni New has been published by the Marketing and Communication Department.


Box: AIA Alum 2
Shelf: 125
Series: New Student Record

-Freshman Record 1990
-New Student Record 1987
-New Student Record 1987
-New Student Record 1987
-New Student Record 1986
-New Student Record 1986
-New Student Record 1986
-New Student Record 1985
-New Student Record 1984
-New Student Record 1984
-New Student Record 1983
-Alumni Directories

Box: AIA Alum 3
Shelf: 125
Series: Publications

-Edinboro Normal Review, 1907, 1909
-The Edinboro Quarterly 1913-16 Alumni Registers
-The Edinboro Quarterly 1917-19 Alumni Registers
-Edinboro Alumni Register 1919 with notes
-Edinboro State Teachers College Quarterly, 1920,24,29-32 Alumni Register 1924
-Edinboro State Teacher College Record 1937-38, 1935 Art Bulletins
-List of donors 75-76, 85-86
-Edinboro College Alumni Annual 1974
-Art Achievement Ceremony and Art Exhibits 1991
-Reunion Publicity 1960's-80's
-Homecoming 1950'-90's
-Class Days 1920's-30's
-Luncheons 1950's-60's
-Alumni Day Minutes 1967
-Correspondence of the Alumni Office 1980's-90's
-Homecoming program, 1996

Box: AIA Alum 4

Shelf: 125
Series: Alumni Bulletin


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