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Associates in Computer Science



The Associate of Science degree in Computer Science is designed to prepare individuals to meet challenges in the rapidly growing and changing field of computer science. Within the framework of general education courses and courses in computer science, this degree will prepare the students for an entry level position in a computer field, provide appropriate background for further study in computer science and develop skills and attitudes necessary to become responsible employees and citizens.

The occupational activities of computer personnel are diverse. Our program of study enables the student to develop knowledge of computer equipment, business procedures, and principles of computer applications. Associate degree students are required to complete an internship in computer science.


Students will be given the opportunity to:
  • acquire a disciplined approach to problem solving techniques and algorithm development;
  • understand the mathematical concepts and techniques underlying various topics in computer science;
  • write computer programs in at least one structured programming language;
  • develop techniques of program design, coding, debugging, testing and documentation within the framework of good programming style;
  • examine the modern trends of computer applications in various disciplines;
  • study the principles of data modeling for database design and review commercial database management systems