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How long is this program?
This program is designed to be three (3) semesters, but this varies depending on how many transfer credits you have and whether you plan to attend full-time or part-time.

Is this an online program?
This is not formally considered an online program, although most support courses (required non-nursing courses such as English, Sociology, Philosophy, etc.) are offered online, and some nursing courses may be offered online depending on the number of students enrolled. Of course, face-to-face delivery in a traditional classroom setting is available for all courses.

Is it easy to take an online course?
It’s not easy or hard, but you must be motivated and disciplined, and you need to have basic computer skills. Also, I recommend having access to a reliable computer that is equipped with high speed internet.

What are online courses like? Can you participate in the course any time you want?
Not all online courses are asynchronous, meaning students participate when they want through such strategies as Discussion Board. Another online strategy is the use of Wimba Classroom, which can be designed using a synchronous or an asynchronous delivery method. This means students may come together at a designated time for live lecture and discussion or students may access archived Wimba lectures at their convenience. As you can see, there are different options, and varied strategies are usually combined to achieve the best learning outcomes.

What are the nursing courses like?
There are five required nursing courses that focus on nursing leadership & management, community nursing, nursing research, and evidence-based nursing practice. Courses are designed to be interactive with an emphasis on application.

Can you take a challenge exam in place of a nursing course?
Challenge exams are not required. Instead, 40 credits are given to the RN student in recognition of practice experience once NURS 409 has been successfully completed.

Do all college credits transfer?
All credits awarded by an accredited university will be evaluated for transfer credit. While it’s possible to transfer sufficient credits to fulfill all the support course requirements, it is required that a student earn 30 credits of the 120 required credits at Edinboro University to meet graduation requirements.

How do I apply?
If you have taken any courses at Edinboro University previously, you will need to apply for reinstatement through Dawn Dillen in Records & Registration at 814-732-1986/5555 or  If you have never attended Edinboro University, you will need to apply for admission through Melissa Manning in the Admissions Office at 814-732-2761/1757 or Sheila McCarthy is the Transfer Counselor and her short video, which addresses transfer credits, may be helpful to you, although she is not your contact person. Please access Sheila’s video at:

Is it easy to complete this program?
This program is designed to meet the needs of the RN student who may have additional work and family responsibilities, so it can be individualized to meet your needs. However, you need to be a good short-term and long-term planner. Based on your transfer courses, your program of study will be unique since some course requirements will be met, while specific courses will still be needed. Therefore, every RN’s program of study is a little different, and advanced planning helps ensure smooth progression with consideration of individual preferences. Another consideration is whether you prefer to take online courses. While most support courses are offered online, they are not offered online every semester. So, if you want to take as many courses as possible online, advanced planning will be essential.

Is there someone to help me and answer my questions?
Dr. Debra Kubinski is the Director of the RN-BSN Program, and she serves as academic advisor. While she is very happy to provide direction and answer scheduling questions, advanced planning is needed and appreciated since she carries a full teaching assignment and is frequently in class or the clinical setting with students. Dr. Kubinski can be reached at 814-732-2236/2900 or E-mail is recommended since Dr. Kubinski is not on main campus every day. In keeping with the departmental goal, Dr. Kubinski responds to student e-mails within 24 hours, and e-mails received on Friday are answered by Monday. During the summer and holiday breaks, you may contact the Department of Nursing at 814-732-2900.

What is the role of the academic advisor?
The primary responsibility of the academic advisor is to help you design an individualized plan of study once your transfer credits have been awarded. In addition, ongoing advisement occurs every semester with a review of your planned schedule for the upcoming semester. Academic problems may be discussed with your academic advisor once you have discussed these concerns with the professor of the course in which you are experiencing difficulty. Your academic advisor is here to help you have a valuable and enjoyable learning experience at Edinboro University!