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Alternate Testing Services




  1. Any student requesting alternate test arrangements must present the professor with a "Classroom Accommodations" form (this is a paper that explains extended time, private area, etc.) early in the semester and MUST use an alternate test arrangement form FOR EACH TEST scheduled at the OSD.  Test arrangement forms ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT.  However, professors are required to sign the forms and fill out the section(s) pertaining to test time or special instructions.  All test forms should have the course and title, instructor name, student name, day and time the test is to be administered, where it is to be returned, and any special instructions if needed (open book, calculator permitted, etc.).  As listed on the bottom of each form, the professor should keep the yellow form and the white form goes to the student who must present it to the OSD secretary for scheduling.  The white (OSD) copy will be attached to the exam when it arrives at the OSD and will be used as a routing slip.  The professor or department secretary must sign for the exam when the test couriers return the test.  The white copy is returned to the OSD and eventually placed in the students' file.

 2. POP QUIZ - these are easily done by professors calling the OSD Academic Aide Secretary to arrange a reader/scribe for a student with a disability and the aide will show up at the classroom at the appointed time.

 3. If the student is permitted to use a textbook(s), notes or calculator, the instructor must write this directly on the test form or the test itself.

4. Faculty must specify the time that a student is permitted to take an exam, or check the option that allows a student to schedule at any convenient time on the date specified.  This prevents the student from calling to change the time of exams that were already scheduled.  Please contact our office if you have moved a test to another day or time.  Faculty will specify a time so those students using alternate testing do not have the opportunity to question other students in their class about the content of the exam.  This will improve test security.  During peak testing times, we occasionally experience a shortage of Academic Aides who read or scribe for the students.  When this occurs, we will contact both faculty and students prior to changing the test day/time unless the professor has specified "any convenient time" for the student.


 1. Most tests are emailed, faxed, or sent to the OSD testing website for the Academic Aide Secretary, Deborah Acker.

 2. Students must leave their backpacks, coats and other personal belongings outside of the testing area.

 3.  Students sometimes underestimate the time needed for their tests and occasionally students are late for their next class or miss class.  We try to avoid this whenever possible, please understand that students are not permitted to leave the testing room once they begin a test.  

 4.  A student or staff proctor is present to monitor testing during the exam and all testing rooms are video recorded each day.

 5. All tests are scheduled and must be completed between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.  If a student has an evening class, we will do our best to send an Academic Aide to the classroom if needed.   When Academic Aides are not available, the evening tests need to be scheduled during the day or the professor must arrange accommodations him/herself.

 6. The section of the Student Code of Conduct that deals with cheating is posted in all testing areas.


 If a student is caught cheating, he/she is not permitted to finish the exam. The exam, any notes found in the students' possession, and an explanation of what occurred will be returned to the professor.  The resolution of the situation is the professor's decision.