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Legal Studies Faculty


Faculty members from several academic departments contribute to the pre-law program. The courses that each faculty member teaches on a regular basis are listed below.

Department of Political Science & Criminal Justice

  • Joseph Conti, Assistant Professor of Political Science & Criminal Justice (J.D., University of Akron, M.S., Gannon University): Criminal procedure and evidence, criminal law, prosecution and the courts, law and legal systems
  • James Daniel Fisher, Professor of Political Science (J.D., William and Mary Law School; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison): Law and legal systems, constitutional law, civil liberties
  • Gerry Gendlin, Associate Professor of International Politics (Ph.D., Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University): International law and organizations
  • Bridget Jeffery, Assistant Professor of Political Science (Ph.D., University of Kansas): Civil liberties, constitutional law
  • Elvage Murphy, Professor of Political Science & Criminal Justice (J.D., West Virginia University): Department Chair. Criminal procedure and evidence, prosecution and the courts, constitutional law, criminal law, financial crimes enforcement

Department of Business and Economics (in the School of Business)

  • Michael Engdahl (J.D. University of Buffalo Law School): Business law
  • Scott E. Miller (J.D., University of Pittsburgh Law School): Business law

Department of Psychology

  • Ronald Craig (Ph.D., University of Utah): Psychology and law