Emily Lottes, Academic Success Coordinataor

First-Year Experience Advisory Committee
Dr. Lisa Brightman, Elementary Education
Denise Dobos, Records and Registration
Patricia Hillman, Mathematics and Computer Science
Dr. Elizabeth Iglesias, Academic Support Services
Dr. Bill Hunter, English & Theatre Arts
Kerri Watson, Science, Management & Technology
Evan Williams, Graduate Assistant

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First Year Experience

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 students   First-Year Experience Program

What is First- Year Experience (FYE)?
You’ve made the decision to come to Edinboro University. Now what?  What can you expect? How can you get the most out of your college degree? And how can you make the transition to university life.

Edinboro University is committed to helping you during your first year of study through a variety  of academic programming and support services specifically for first-year students called First-Year Experience (FYE) program.

The FYE program combines seminar courses, first-year advising opportunities, and a Common Hour to assist students in becoming oriented to the classroom, campus resources, and the Edinboro community.  The FYE program is designed to help you succeed in your first year.

What are FYE Seminar Courses?
FYE seminar courses have been designed specifically for first-year students. The faculty teaching FYE seminar courses have expertise in the subject areas and are committed to helping first-year students succeed.

In FYE seminar courses, you will not only learn all the content for your course, but you will also     explore real-world applications for the course  material and improve your critical thinking skills. In addition, your FYE seminar course will help you develop essential academic skills, gain a sense of  community with other first-year students, and become aware of resources available to you.

What FYE Seminar Courses are offered?
All FYE seminar courses are 3 semester hours and meet the university’s General Education  requirements. We offer 32 FYE Seminar Courses. You may be pre-scheduled into one of these courses based on your major requirements. At New Student Registration Days you will also have the opportunity to sign up for FYE Seminar courses that may be available at that time.

Fall 2014 FYE Course Signup

What is Common Hour?
During your Fall semester at Edinboro University, you will participate in the First-Year Common Hour, a time set aside for all first-year students to participate in events that will help you make the transition to university life. During the Fall semester, all first-year students are scheduled for a Common Hour on Tuesdays from 12:30 p.m. - 1:45 p.m. During this time, you will participate in two kinds of programming: department activities and university-wide activities.

On department activity days, you will meet with the Common Hour Coordinator in your major department. The location can be found on your class schedule.  At these sessions, you will meet with a  faculty member to learn about  your major and university resources. On university-wide activity days, you will participate in a variety of programming including freshman service projects where you will learn to make an impact on your department, your university, your community, and your world.

Another feature of the First-Year Experience program is faculty advising. Your Common Hour Coordinator will provide individualized and group advising to help you adjust to university life and assist you with your plan of study.

Fall 2014 Common Hour Schedule


FYE Objectives

    • First-year students will develop essential academic skills related to student success
    • First-year students will develop the critical thinking skills essential to the transition to the college learning environment.
    • First-year students will develop a sense of academic self-confidence and personal responsibility, and a positive attitude toward the teaching/learning process.
    • First-year students will develop a sense of community with peers, faculty and staff, and a respect for diversity.
    • First-year students will be aware of the university resources available to them.