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Social Work Field Education Program


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Social Work Field Education Program

Dr. Margaret Smith                                                 Ms. Charlene Kolupski
Coordinator of Field Education                            Assistant Coordinator-MSW Field Education
Hendricks Hall G42                                                Hendricks Hall G41
Edinboro, PA 16444                                               Edinboro, PA 16444
(814) 732-1747                                                       (814) 732-1789                               

Dr. Margaret Smith serves as the Acting Coordinator of Field Education and oversees placements for both the BSW and MSW programs.She coordinates BSW field placements. Ms. Charlene Kolupski serves as the Assistant Coordinator of Field Education for the MSW program. Undergraduate and graduate students are placed in a variety of practicum settings: mental health, community health, adoption, child welfare, residential treatment facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, crisis services, hospice services, substance abuse programs, senior centers, and family counseling agencies.

BSW Pre-Field - SOWK410 Social Work Practice III
Pre-field is an opportunity for BSW students to have an initial experience in the field of social work by spending a total of 30 hours volunteering at a university affiliated agency in their seventh semester. Students will attend pre-field 3 hours per week for 10 weeks. The purpose of pre-field is to allow students to get an idea of what their internship in the final semester will be like. Students will spend their time learning about their pre-field agency, shadowing social workers and other staff and possibly having some interaction with clients in a volunteer capacity.

BSW Pre-Field Documents


BSW students are in field 32 hours a week during their final semester in internship sites located in Erie and Crawford counties. Internships are available in the spring semester only. Sites are selected by the social work program based on the agencies' willingness to provide a structured educational experience and qualified social work supervision. The social work program maintains a close working relationship with area professionals which allows students to be individually matched with agencies in their areas of interest.

Student satisfaction with internships has been generally very high. On placement evaluations they consistently rate their internships 9 plus on a 10 point scale. Each semester several of our interns are offered employment by their field education agencies.

BSW Field Documents

MSW students are in field two days a week over 4 semesters while concurrently taking classes. Graduate internship sites are within commuting distance from the campus. MSW students are also individually matched with an internship agency in their field of interest.

BSW and MSW foundation year students experience social work from a generalist perspective working with individuals, families, groups, communities, and organizations. They work with diverse populations of all ages. Well-qualified and experienced professionals supervise all students.

In the concentration year, MSW students are placed in agencies that can provide the student with family social work experience. All concurrent courses are family focused and the internships provide an opportunity for students to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom.

MSW Field Documents