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What is sociology?

It is the scientific study of human groups and group interaction. Sociological study and the sociological imagination encompasses all realms of human life and allows us to understand the world in its real world context. 

This question is asked of us probably more than of any other social scientists. Sociology, most often, focuses on large group structure and many people are not exposed to it in secondary education. Most people first encounter the tenets of sociology at the university level.

What we study.

The EUP Department of Sociology focuses on the applied approach to the discipline. We are interested in the theories and concepts of sociology as they apply to the real world. Some of the areas of faculty study in our department include, deviance, criminology, family, media, social movements, work and society, urban sociology, gender, and popular culture.

Daniel Little, Professor of philosophy and chancellor of the University of Michigan-Dearborn answers this question quite thoroughly in his essay, Why A Sociology Major?

What can you do with a sociology degree?

This is the question often asked by the parents and families of students seeking to major in this field. It is a field few have heard of, and have little information about the capacity of a graduate to find jobs with the degree.

For some basic information in this area, we suggest that you review the American Sociological Association’s “Careers in Sociology” page. It provides some helpful information about the kinds of jobs that graduates can (and have) found.

The Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce released a report in May 2011 titled, “What’s It Worth?:  The Economic Value of College Majors,” which states that “different undergraduate majors result in very different earnings.”*  Click the link below to watch a brief report.

CEW Director Tony Carnevale discusses "Is College Worth It?" on CNN March 17, 2012

According to the report, the median yearly income for a full-time, undergraduate sociology major is $45,000. (Carnevale, Strohl & Melton 2011) Graduates who work in fields of statistical research earn significantly higher.

What A College Major is Really Worth? On Tell Me More

Graduates in sociology work in a variety of fields, social services including social practice, social action, government, research, and business, among others.

*(retrieved from on July 15, 2012)



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