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Departmental Policies


Academic Integrity: Academic integrity refers to proper behavior in all issues of academic and professional matters.  Examples of behaviors in conflict with academic integrity include, but are not limited to, plagiarism, cheating, taking credit for the work of others, dishonesty, unfairly limiting others from performing well, and allowing another person to impersonate you or commit identify fraud in any course, exam, or other academic exercise, etc.  Any Infraction of academic integrity is very serious matter and could lead to dismissal from the MASLP program or Edinboro University. Behavior identified by the instructor as violating academic integrity will be discussed with the student in the presence of the Graduate Program Head and the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies who will determine an appropriate course of action.

Attendance: It is expected that students whose major is in the Department will arrive on time and attend every class for the full duration. Absenteeism is detrimental to student learning and does not support a professional behavior skill set.  Any anticipated absence for legitimate reasons should be discussed with me and resolved as early in the semester as possible. Any unanticipated absence should be communicated to me, preferably prior to the class missed. An appropriate written excuse must be provided to the instructor the first class meeting after the student returns. Examples of unexcused absences include extended vacation, need more sleep, expected to work, in a wedding, already booked a flight.  Examples of excused absences would be such things as representing the University, a death in the family, or your serious illness.

Classroom Comportment and Professionalism:  Cell phones must be switched off or set on vibration mode for the duration of the class period.  If you must answer a call, please leave the room to do so.  Cell phones may not be accessed during examinations for any reason without permission of the course instructor. With the availability of Wi-Fi, it can be tempting to access the Internet on your iPad, iPhone, iPod, and/or laptop during class for entertainment and other purposes.   Professionally, use of technology during class for purposes other than accessing D2L, taking notes, or undertaking a research search at the direction of your instructor is both impolite and potentially distracting to other classmates and your instructor.  If you are found to be using personal technology inappropriately during a lecture or classroom activity, you will be asked to exit the Internet immediately and to shut down the device.  If a second infringement of this policy occurs, you will be banned from bringing the device to class.

Make-Up Test Policy:  Unless you have notified me personally, by phone, text, or email, at least an hour prior to the start of class in which an examination has been scheduled, no make-up testing will be accommodated.  A student who fails by unexcused and/or unexplained absence to take a scheduled test will be issued a score of 0 for that course activity.

Test Completion Policy: Unless you have a documented learning disability and/or are a speaker of a primary language other than American English, the time allotted for test completion will not exceed the time allotted for any one-class period.  Students are expected to complete and turn in examinations to the instructor/proctor at the end of the class period.

Late Assignments:  Course assignments have been scattered over the entire semester in order to give you ample time to complete them.  Assignments received after the due date will incur a 10-point deduction for each late class day.