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Frank G. Pogue Student Center
405 Scotland Road
Edinboro, PA  16444
Phone: 814.732.2842
Fax: 814.732.2665




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Room Availability


IMPORTANT INFORMATION about access to the
Room Availability Site:

1.  Before you can get acess, you must add yourself as a new user to the site by entering any valid e-mail address and creating a password.  PLEASE NOTE: The Room Availability site is external to the university, as it is maintained by our scheduling software company, therefore, the e-mail address and password for this site DO NOT have to be your university e-mail address and password.  If you have already added yourself as a user to this site, you can proceed to #3.

2.  Once you've entered your e-mail address and password, click "ADD."  The site will then ask you for your name and to verify your password.

3.  Once you have gained access to the site, you need to click on the "FREE/BUSY" button.  Then select a date from the drop down calendar.  PLEASE NOTE:  Once you've selected a date, you MUST click the "DISPLAY" button in order for it to advance to the date you've selected, otherwise  you will be looking at wrong information.

**IMPORTANT: This site is to view availabiilty ONLY. Do not use this site to request space. Our official request form is available on the right by clicking "Reservation Request Form."

Click here to access the Room Availability Site