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General Questions:


Faculty and Staff Questions:


Q: The system asks for a USERID and PIN when I log in. What do I enter here?

A: The USERID is your student or employee ID number, the one that starts with the '@' character. Your PIN will be your birthdate entered as a 6-digit number the first time you access the system - for example 013175. You will be required to change your PIN.

Q: Why is the system asking me to enter a security question?

A: You should enter a question to which only you know the answer. For example, your mother's maiden name. If you ever forget your PIN, you will be able to reset your PIN if you know the answer to the question. One thing to remember, however, is that the answer is case sensitive.

Q: I can't remember my Banner ID. What should I do?

A: First, it is not your Banner ID. It is either your student ID or your employee ID and it starts with the '@' character. You can always look at your ID card if you have one. However if you did not obtain a new ID card, do the following:

Students - contact Records and Registration at 732-3501
Employees - contact your department office, or Human Resources at 732-2703

Q: I can't remember my PIN. What should I do?

A: Treat your PIN as you would your PIN for an ATM machine. Most banks charge a fee for you to obtain your PIN because it takes people away from their work. We do not charge a fee, but we will only guarantee a PIN will be reset within 24 hours, depending on how busy everyone might be at the time.

You should not have this problem if you previously entered a security question.

As a last resort, contact Records and Registration at 732-3501 and be prepared to answer a few questions so they can confirm your identity. You might be required to appear at a lab or at the offices with your ID card. They can not tell you what your PIN is, but they will reset your PIN to be your birthdate. This should be entered as a 6-digit number. For example January 15, 1975 would be entered as 011575. And remember, while you may be frustrated at not being able to get into SCOTS, do not take your frustration out on the employees with which you report the problem - you will find that a little civility will go a long way. They will do their utmost to help you.

Q: Why does the system tell me my account is disabled?

A: The system will disable your account after 5 failed attempts. This is done for security reasons and helps prevent others from guessing your PIN. You will need to contact Technology and Communications and have them reset your PIN.

Q: Why am I asked to enter my PIN to schedule classes?

A: Scheduling classes requires the use of an alternate PIN that is available from your advisor. This is different from the PIN used to access the database. You must obtain this alternate PIN either from your advisor, or from your department chairperson.

Q: Why does the system ask me to log back in after 5-minutes?

A: The system will automatically log you out after 5-minutes of inactivity. This is done for security purposes and is particularly important in an environment where you might be using a public station. If you forgot to 'exit' the system, anyone could sit down at that station and have direct access to your records.

Q: As a faculty member, how do I get a mail distribution list for my classes?

A: Class mailing lists and other mailing lists which are restricted to employees are available here.

Q: As a faculty member, how do I get an electronic class roster?

A: Please contact Tim Pilewski at 732-1974 who will gladly create an electronic roster and e-mail it to you. Please provide him with the CRNs (course reference numbers) for the classes you are teaching. Also provide her with your e-mail address. Tim can also be contacted via e-mail at

Q: I'm an employee. Why can't I get into Banner via the web?

A: Edinboro did not acquire the Banner Human Resource system. At this time, web access is limited to students, teaching faculty, and those authorized to access financial records.