Coleen G. Panko
Special Events Coordinator &
 Highland Ambassadors Advisor
President's Office
Reeder Hall
219 Meadville Street
Edinboro, PA  16444
phone:  814-732-1739

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Special Events


On behalf of Edinboro University's President and in order to ensure quality and efficiency, the Coordinator of Special Events oversees university-wide events and programs. The Office of the President is committed to the following purpose:

  • Build and sustain the Edinboro University community morale through recognition and programming
  • Celebrate University milestone and special occasions
  • Coordinate community outreach initiatives
  • Host University guests

The following guidelines and attached Event Planning checklist are intended to help anyone working on off-campus and on-campus events. Our common goal is to represent the University in a high quality and inclusive manner.

Event Planning Checklist

Speaking Engagement Request

All events sponsored by the President will be handled through the Coordinator of Special Events, located in the President's Office. The Coordinator of Special Events is responsible for annual and special events, along with the oversight of both campus and University-related public ceremonies. The Office of Special Events also serves as the campus resource for protocol. The Coordinator of Special Events may be reached via e-mail or at 814-732-1739.

Event sponsors will handle all other events. All sponsors are requested to notify the President's Office regarding the event in order that we may be aware of the event and assist with its planning, if required. An Event Planning Checklist is available to assist in the process.

Any event sponsors requesting the participation of the President are asked to contact the Coordinator of Special Events at 814-732-1739. While the President openly accepts a vast majority of invitations that are made, he may decline an invitation due to a calendar conflict; therefore, early action in scheduling is essential.