Contact Info

          Frank G. Pogue Student Center
          405 Scotland Road
          Edinboro, PA  16444
          Phone: (814) 732-2768
          Fax: (814) 732-2665

          Michelle Ritzel 
          Director of Campus Life and Leadership Development
          Office: 216 Frank G. Pogue Center
          Phone: (814) 732-2768

          Reservation Guidelines

          Since the Pogue Student Center primarily serves the students of Edinboro University, groups reserving space for a special event must follow certain guidelines. 
          • Please make your request via the Reservation Request Form. The Pogue Student Center Reservationist processes the requests.
          • If your event conflicts with the university’s mission or policies, the Student Center staff reserves the right to deny space usage to your event/group.
          • The Student Center staff will do their best to assign each reservation to the most appropriate space available. The staff reserves the right to re-assign space when necessary and to identify suitable alternative space for the original reservation.
          • Your reservation is tentatively confirmed until all details of the event are submitted to the Pogue Student Center Reservationist. This includes admission charge, name of speaker, band, film, etc. YOUR SPACE IS NOT CONFIRMED UNTIL YOU RECEIVE SOMETHING IN WRITING FROM OUR OFFICE.
          • If your event is classified as “extraordinary,” you may be required to meet with a member of the Student Center staff to review planning and arrangements. 
            • If there is a cancellation, please notify the Pogue Student Center Reservationist prior to the event. Two “no shows” (cancellation without notification) for events in rooms with standard set-up configurations may result in denial of space requests and/or cancellation of space already reserved for no less than one semester.
            • Users that misrepresent an event or affiliation in order to avoid fees and charges may incur additional charges and may have reservation privileges suspended. These determinations are made by the Assistant Director of Student Center Operations.
            • Sponsoring groups or individuals are responsible for damages to the facilities and equipment (or for inadequate clean-up) and may be charged for repair, replacement or cleaning.
            • External groups not affiliated with the University who wish to reserve space should contact Pablo Reyes at (814) 732-1738 in the University Advancement Office. Extra paperwork and certificates of insurance are required for external groups.
            • All standard meeting room set-ups are lecture style. Capacities are subject to change depending on other resources needed in the setup, such as staging, dance floor, buffet tables, etc. Please contact Kari Althof at (814) 732-1452 for questions. 

              General Room Information

          Questions? Call the Pogue Student Center Reservation Line at (814) 732-2425.