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          Coleen G. Panko
          Special Events Coordinator &
          Highland Ambassadors Advisor

          President's Office
          Reeder Hall
          219 Meadville Street
          Edinboro, PA  16444
          Phone: (814) 732-1739

          Staff Member of the Year

          Award Criteria

          The Staff Member of the Year Award recognizes Edinboro University staff members who demonstrate outstanding service to the University, our students and the broader community. Although the University recognizes the contributions of the many University employees who serve the community in very important ways, nominees for the Staff Member of the Year Award must be current, non-faculty, employees of Edinboro University who are in good standing, have passed the initial probationary period and have served Edinboro University for at least a total of 12 months.

          University faculty, staff, students, Trustees, alumni and retired faculty and staff are invited to submit nominations for the Staff Member of the Year. Nominations should highlight accomplishments, contributions and achievements beyond what is expected of the nominee in his/her position that have occurred during the most recent calendar year. Suggested areas of importance include service to students, service to the University, community/volunteer service, or any combination of these areas. Reference to the employee's history of service and achievement may be included to lend additional support to the nomination. Specific examples will reinforce and strengthen the nomination.

          Ensure that your nomination is thorough and complete. Please consider addressing some of the following items in your nomination:

          • Attitude
          • Expertise
          • Innovation
          • Leadership
          • Efficiency
          • Quality
          • Personalized/Caring Approach
          • Scope/Impact

          Previous Staff Member of the Year Award recipients are not eligible for the award.

          The 2018 Staff Member of the Year will be announced at the Faculty and Staff Recognition Luncheon on Monday, April 9.

          Nomination Form

          You may submit this form online or complete the fields below, print and mail it to:

          Darla Elder
          Ghering Health and Wellness Center
          Edinboro University
          Edinboro, PA 16444






          Provide a clear description of the employee's characteristics, qualities, accomplishments and contributions by answering the following questions. Please limit any additional narrative to two pages.

          Note: Specific examples of accomplishments, contributions, projects, or goals attained will strengthen your nomination. Incomplete nominations will not be considered. Only the information provided herein (or by accompanying nominations of the same person) will be considered by the committee.

          Note: In each area, please only include information from during this most recent calendar year.

          2.  Describe the impact of the nominee's contributions on his/her primary stakeholders or "customers."

          By entering the date on this form and submitting this information, you certify that the information is correct to the best of your knowledge.