Edinboro Highland Games & Scottish Festival

September 6, 2014

Thousands gather each year for the annual Edinboro Highland Games and Scottish Festival. Mark your calendars for September 6, 2014, when the picturesque campus of Edinboro University will be overtaken by the rich traditions of Scotland, including world-class musicians, fine gift vendors, highland dance and athletic competitions, clan gatherings and traditional Scottish food.

Stay tuned for a full schedule of events, or for more information, contact the festival director, Dr. Tim Thompson, at 814-732-2162 or tthompson@edinboro.edu.

A Brief History

The first Edinboro Highland Games and Scottish Festival was held in April 1993, after eight months of planning in Dr. Tim Thompson’s communication classes. On a day featuring typical Scottish weather, a crowd of five hundred enjoyed two pipe bands, one vendor, kids’ games, and student athletic competitions. 

Crowds of five thousand or more now enjoy the annual games that feature an array of competitions, world-class musicians, fine gift vendors, and the gathering of Scottish clans. Musicians including master fiddlers Alasdair Fraser and Bonnie Rideout, the piper Eric Rigler of Braveheart fame, singer Ed Miller, and groups such as Seven Nations and the Chelsea House Orchestra have thrilled audiences across twenty years. The Edinboro Games now hold sanctioned competitions in professional and amateur heavy athletics, pipe band and solo piping and drumming, highland dance, Celtic harp, and the 2012 and 2013 US National Scottish Fiddle Championships. Along with delicious Scottish and festival foods and family gatherings, the Edinboro Highland Games have grown into one of the most unique and interesting cultural events in the Erie-Chautauqua region.