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          The James F. Drane Bioethics Institute

          Welcome to The James F. Drane Bioethics Institute at Edinboro University

          Founded in 1969 by James F. Drane, the Bioethics Institute at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania focuses on the relationship between biological and biomedical sciences, ethics, medicine and the humane treatment of patients. This institute is a place of open discussion and scholarly research on topics that impact our world, including medicine, science, technology and ethics.

          Because it is both an educational and research center in bioethics, the Institute reaches beyond the walls of Edinboro University to touch like-minded individuals across the United States and around the world. It reflects the commitment of Edinboro University to strengthen the bonds between medicine and morality, science and ethics.

          • The Bioethics Institute is grounded in tradition, building on the mission and vision of its founder, James F. Drane, to make medicine more humane.
          • The Bioethics Institute is interdisciplinary, welcoming faculty, students and staff from all disciplines who are interested in exploring the ethical aspects, dimensions and implications in their field.
          • The Bioethics Institute is organic, constantly growing and changing as it contributes to the currently thriving discipline of bioethics.
          • The Bioethics Institute is dynamic, offering various lectures, events and fellowship opportunities to further advance the field of bioethics.
          • The Bioethics Institute is unique, proudly standing as one of the few institutions of its kind in state universities.


          Current Research Interests

          The James F. Drane Bioethics Institute gives concrete form to the relationship between biomedical sciences and ethics. It is dedicated to promoting this relationship in society and in university disciplines. Issues of biomedical ethics are related to diverse academic disciplines because health is a pervasive concern in today’s Western and global cultures.

          For a university to focus on science, yet ignore the associated ethical concerns, would be academically irresponsible.  For that reason, our current research interests include:

          • Global Bioethics:
            • Biopolitics and bio-power
            • Global Governance for Health
            • The immigration of health professional
            • International research ethics
          • Clinical Research Ethics:
            • Research on vulnerable populations
            • Animal research
            • Social value in clinical research
            • Scientific validity in clinical research
          • Clinical Ethics:
            • Virtues of healthcare professionals
            • Theoretical frameworks for case study
          • Public Health Ethics:
            • Ethics in Resource allocation in Health
          • Science and Bioethics:
            • Science vs Pseudoscience debate
            • Ethical, social and legal implications of scientific advances and new technologies