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Develop new materials for emerging applications and drive the economy forward with a concentration in Materials Science.

Materials scientists test, benchmark and discover properties of materials in their research. With a Bachelor of Science in Physics degree with a concentration in Materials Science, you will be prepared to succeed in industrial and research jobs.

Learn from faculty members who have a broad knowledge base as physicists, engineers and manufacturing engineers. Combining chemistry, engineering and physics, you’ll explore the limits of materials in order to develop new ones using modern methods and technologies.

Expert Faculty

Accomplished faculty instruct, guide, and inspire Edinboro students to achieve and lead. EU faculty are recognized for their commitment to student success and creating a personal and engaging academic environment.

Experiential Learning

The Edinboro experience extends well beyond the classroom. EU students prepare for careers and life through opportunities for hands-on learning, collaborative research with faculty, global travel, and internships.

Modern Facilities

Fighting Scots live, work, and play in state-of-the-art facilities on EU’s picturesque 585-acre campus. Located just 20 miles south of Erie, Pennsylvania’s fourth-largest city, Edinboro is bustling with exciting activities.

"Students in materials science develop cutting-edge applications across all fields of study – from biology and medicine to astrophysics and sustainability – reaching for what we know about the physical world, then grasping a little bit more each time."
Dr. Richard Lloyd
Chair, Joseph T. Buba Department of Physics and Technology

Utilize state-of-the-art resources and facilities in a laboratory environment.

While pursuing a concentration in Materials Science, you’ll have access to extensive materials research facilities in Cooper Hall, where the Physics and Technology Department maintains one of the most technologically advanced laboratory environments in the region. Student spaces include a:

Manufacturing/Materials Testing Lab, outfitted with advanced materials testing equipment, including a rheometer, static and dynamic load frames, hardness testers, X-ray fluorescence machines and 3D printers for rapid prototyping.

Computerized physics lab, with 16 high-end, dual monitor workstations equipped with engineering CAD/CAM software.

Engineering/physics lab or dedicated lab for advanced classical physics that features four independent compartments rigged for simultaneous experiments.

Additionally, the Chemistry Department maintains labs outfitted with a variety of instrumentation that aid in characterizing materials, including: nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, gas chromotography-mass spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, raman spectrometer, high-performance liquid chromotograph, a thermogravimetric analyzer, and much more.

Build skillsets to apply physics in everyday life for your future career.

With the option to earn a Quality Assurance Technician Certificate, designed to be completed in two or more semesters with an internship, you’ll be able to help meet quality requirements for a product or service to fulfill the goals of the manufacturer and the customer.

Establish a foundation of success through internships that lead to jobs.

Experiential learning can help you make career decisions and set you apart in a competitive job market, while reinforcing what you learn in the classroom. In addition to internships in complementary industries, as a physics student, you may be eligible for paid summer internships and graduate school assistantships through a unique arrangement with Penn State’s prestigious Engineering Science and Mechanics Department.

When it’s time to graduate, you’ll have the ability to join other Edinboro alumni as engineers, researchers and leaders in industry using your bachelor’s degree with a concentration in Materials Science at places such as Lockheed Martin, the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Patent Office and NASA.

According to the Bureau of Labor Standards the median wage for materials scientists is $99,800 nationally and $100,950 in Pennsylvania. The job market is projected to grow up to 7.6% from 2016 through 2026.

While studying at Edinboro, you’ll also have opportunities that include:

Joining a professional organization such as Physics and Astronomy Club, Society of Physics Students, International Society of Physics Students, American Institute of Physics, National Society of Professional Engineers or American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Adding high-demand skills to your undergraduate degree with one of several minors, such as Manufacturing Engineering Technology, which integrates knowledge from computer science, mechanical engineering, electronics and more.

Pursuing one of Edinboro’s Graduate programs to continue your education in business administration, teacher leadership, conflict management or other related fields.

Prepare for a rewarding career.


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