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          ShopTalk, Volume 7

          A journal of artist interviews by MFA candidates at Edinboro University
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          Fine Arts

          Take your talent to the next level with a Master of Fine Arts

          As a graduate student in Edinboro University’s Master of Fine Arts program, you’ll work directly with dedicated faculty artists to develop technical, aesthetic and conceptual competencies at the highest level. MFA students receive funding through graduate assistantships and benefit from 24 hour access to private or semi-private studios. Alumni of the rigorous, three-year residential studio program boast a record of excellence throughout the U.S. in the fields of art, academia and arts administration.

          Edinboro offers specializations in ceramics, metals, painting, printmaking and sculpture.

          1. Complete the online application.
          2. Pay an application fee of $30.
          3. Provide an official transcript from each college or university at which undergraduate or graduate credit has been earned. Note: If you have not yet graduated, file a partial transcript at the time the application is completed and file a complete transcript as soon as the degree is awarded. Transcripts must be received directly from the issuing school and will not be accepted if “issued to student.”

          Individuals seeking admission as degree students in this program must comply with the following specific admission requirements for this program:

          1. Submit a letter of intent (Please indicate the main medium of interest: Ceramics, Metals/Jewelry, Painting, Printmaking or Sculpture).
          2. Three letters of reference. At least two of these should be faculty members the applicant had as instructors for undergraduate or graduate art courses.
          3. Submit the required portfolio of 20 images of recent studio work using the Edinboro SlideRoom account found at Include title, media, size, and date of each image. These must be submitted on or before the application deadline.
          4. A personal interview if notified by the department.

          Must have completed by February 1 all of the steps necessary for admission, except the personal interview.

          Must be able to enroll in this program as a full-time student for at least two consecutive semesters excluding summer. If applicable, submit request for the acceptance of transfer credit.

          Note: This program has a limited enrollment; therefore there is no guarantee that individuals who meet the admission requirements will be accepted into this program or that accepted students will be allowed to enter at a later date.

          An advance tuition deposit of $150 shall be paid by all new students in the MFA program. This deposit is required within two weeks of acceptance of an offer of admission to the Graduate School. This student deposit is a guarantee of the intention of the applicant to register at the University for the term indicated on the admissions letter. Upon receipt, the University will credit the $150 deposit to the student’s account. Applicants who subsequently cancel their application or fail to register shall forfeit their advance deposit; there will be no full or partial refunds.

          Graduate students enrolled in the MFA program will pay an additional 10 percent tuition differential.

          Individuals must comply with the degree requirements of master’s degrees listed under Academic Standards and Policies in the EU catalog. In addition to these requirements, the individual must meet the following requirements:

          1. Secure pre-approval from the student’s graduate committee for the site and duration of the Studio Exhibit;
          2. Must satisfactorily complete a thesis exhibition, earning a grade of “B” or better for the course ART799 Studio Exhibit;
          3. Must satisfactorily complete a comprehensive verbal defense of the work in the thesis exhibition as reviewed by the student’s graduate committee;
          4. Submit a CD of images documenting each piece in the final exhibition and a written artist’s statement, to the student’s advisor prior to the awarding of the degree; and
          5. Refer to Academic Information section of the Graduate catalog for general degree requirements.


          During his or her 15th semester hour of level I coursework in the major studio area, the student must submit to the School of Graduate Studies and Research an Application for Admission to Candidacy for the MFA Degree. This application may be obtained from the School of Graduate Studies and Research.

          Prior to the student’s enrollment in level II courses, the student’s MFA Committee will review and evaluate the applicant’s progress in the MFA program. This committee will make one of the following recommendations:

          1. Admission of the student to candidacy for the MFA degree with authorization given to the student to enroll in the level II coursework in the major studio area.
          2. Deny the student’s request for admission to candidacy with authorization for the student to enroll in up to nine additional semester hours in I level coursework in the major studio area. The student would be required to submit a new application for admission to candidacy prior to completion of the ninth additional semester hour of I level coursework in the major studio area.
          3. Deny the student’s request for admission to candidacy and deny the student permission to continue as a student in the MFA degree program.

          Note: To be admitted to candidacy the student must have earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (four point scale) for the coursework completed as part of the MFA degree program.

          Studio Exhibit

          It is the student’s responsibility to prepare a minimum of one quality digital image of each piece included in the Studio Exhibit. These images on CD must be presented to the student’s advisor and are expected to be at a professional quality prior to receiving a grade for ART799 and subsequently the awarding of the degree. A written artist’s statement concerning the work in the Studio Exhibit must be displayed in the exhibition, and included with the images mentioned above. The department chairperson will maintain a file of the images and statement from each Studio Exhibit.

          We are located in a small college town 15 miles south of Erie, Pennsylvania. Our students enjoy the relaxed lifestyle of Edinboro, as well as easy accessibility to the cultural attractions of the regional urban centers of Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Cleveland. Locally, the city of Erie, the University and other area colleges and institutions provide a rich and engaging variety of programs in the visual and performing arts.

          Please feel free to contact us to schedule a visit, meet with current students, tour campus, attend an open house and/or answer any questions you may have.

          For more information about a MFA in Fine Art degree, see our Fact Sheet.
          For more information about a MA in Studio Art degree, see our Fact Sheet.