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          Supervisor of Special Education

          Edinboro University’s online Post-Master’s Supervisor of Special Education certificate program prepares candidates to take a leadership role in the field of special education. 

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          “The programs in Educational Leadership provide opportunities for school and school-related personnel to develop their leadership style and acquire skills to lead at the classroom, building and district levels. Hundreds of web-based students around the globe have taken advantage of our Nationally Recognized Programs in Educational Leadership. Developing leaders that promote the success of all students continues to be the driving force in our program. This is demonstrated by the dedication of our program faculty who strive to meet the needs of our graduate students and assist each one of them along their leadership journey.”

          – Dr. A. Pushchak, Program Head

          Application Requirements

          1. Complete the online application.
          2. Pay an application fee of $30.
          3. Provide an official transcript from each college or university at which undergraduate or graduate credit has been earned. Note: If you have not yet graduated, file a partial transcript at the time the application is completed and file a complete transcript as soon as the degree is awarded. Transcripts must be received directly from the issuing school and will not be accepted if “issued to student.”

          Individuals seeking admission as degree students in this program must comply with the following specific admission requirements for this program:

          1. Writing sample, reflecting your understanding on how educational leaders shape learning and your philosophy of promoting student achievement and success for all students.
          2. Completed mentor form.
          3. Submit copy of a current and valid teaching certificate in Special Education (not needed if PA certified).
          4. Proof of five years of satisfactory, professional, certificate experience in Special Education on a Special Education certificate.  

          Degree Requirements

          Individuals who have earned the Master of Education in Educational Leadership degree offered by Edinboro University will be allowed to transfer 12 semester hours into the Post-master’s certificate program.  These students will be required to complete only 15 additional semester hours of prescribed graduate credit as a partial requirement for the PA Supervisor of Special Education certificate program.  Students who have earned an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership at another university should contact the Graduate Program Head to determine which courses might transfer in and count toward the 27 semester hours of graduate credit required for the PA Supervisor of Special Education certificate program.

          Individuals not possessing an M.Ed. in Special Education must demonstrate previous graduate coursework in Special Education or take additional graduate coursework in Special Education as prescribed by the Program Head for Educational Leadership as part of their Supervisor of Special Education certificate program.

          In addition to successful completion of the prescribed 27 graduate credits of coursework for the PA Supervisor of Special Education certification, the individual will be required to: conduct and present a focus project on student achievement in the required internship and meet the cut-off score for the PRAXIS 0611 School Leaders Licensure Assessment (SLLA). No more than three semester hours of a “C” grade will be accepted toward meeting the 27 semester hours of credit required for the PA Supervisor of Special Education certificate.

          It’s the responsibility of individuals completing requirements for PA Supervisor of Special Education certification to submit the appropriate forms needed to obtain the certification from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to the Dean of Education as soon as the certification requirements have been completed.

          For more information on this program, click here for a printable fact sheet.


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