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Planning and Budget Committee


Committee Charge

The Planning and Budget Committee is charged with advising the President on issues related to mission fulfillment, strategic planning, and resource allocation and to ensure linkage among all three. The committee will review enrollment, financial, assessment and related information and recommend strategies for new institutional investments and curtailments in order to better focus resources on institutional priorities.

Executive Leadership Team
Dr. Julie E. Wollman, President
Dr. Michael Hannan, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Ms. Lori Gardea, Interim Vice President for Finance and Administration
Ms. Tina Mengine, Vice President for University Advancement
Dr. Kahan Sablo, Vice President for Student Affairs 

Mr. Todd Jay, Athletics
Dr. Jingze Jiang, Business and Economics
Dr. Naod Kebede, Chemistry
Mr. Bill Mathie, Art
Dr. Elvage Murphy, Political Science and Criminal Justice
Dr. Susan Packard, Professional Studies
Dr. Roy Shinn, Speech, Language and Hearing
Mr. James Wertz, Communication and Media Studies
Dr. Stacie Wolbert, Middle & Secondary Education and Educational Leadership
Dr. Brian Zimmerman, Geosciences 

Ms. Carla Behr, Technology and Communications
Ms. Eboni Carson, College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Ms. Sharon Conklin, Office for Students with Disabilities
Mr. Ron Cole, Maintenance
Mr. Tim Dell, Admissions Office
Ms. Tammie Fausnaught, Custodial Department
Dr. Jody Gallagher, Center for Career Development and Adult Student Services
Ms. Valerie Hayes, Office of Social Equity
Ms. Theresa Villella, Office of Budget & Payroll 

Mr. Samir Ahmed
Ms. Mary Baugh
Ms. Dakota Bocan
Mr. Matthew Payne 

Dr. Alan Biel, Graduate Studies and Research and School of Education
Dr. Steven Combs, College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
Dr. Scott Miller, School of Business
Dr. Nathan Ritchey, College of Science & Health Professions 

Edinboro University Council of Trustees
Mr. John Horan, Chair (Mr. Dennis Frampton) 

General Mark Bellini
Ms. Mary Ann Horne, Edinboro Borough Council