Excess Financial Aid Refund - Edinboro University

          Excess Financial Aid Refund

          Some students will qualify to accept Direct Loans or Parent Plus Loans in excess of their balance due to the University. Refunds of the excess financial aid are usually available during the third week of the semester. The most efficient manner to receive the refund of excess loan funds is by direct deposit. To sign up for direct deposit, log in to MyEdinboro and click on the ebill icon and follow the below instructions. How to create a new direct deposit profile:

          1. Sign in to myEdinboro.
          2. Click the green E-BILL icon.
          3. Click “Refunds” at the top of the page.
          4. Enroll in two-step verification if you haven’t done so already.
          5. Click “Set up a new account.”
          6. Follow the instructions to set up a new account.

          Students who do not sign up for direct deposit will receive a paper check through the U.S. mail at the permanent address listed with the University.