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          Things to Bring

          Here’s a brief list of items to consider when packing for college. Don’t forget to talk with your roommate about what he/she intends to bring. Too much stuff can easily crowd a room.

          A double-sized door room for students

          • Alarm clock
          • Bedding (standard twin or double bed sheets, mattress pad, pillow cases, blankets, and bedspread or comforter)
          • Bathroom cleaning supplies (for suite-style housing only)
          • Desk lamp or other lights (electric lamps and string lights must be UL approved)
          • Desk supplies (stapler, pens/pencils, calculator, tape, etc.)
          • Dolly for moving in (some are available in the residence halls at move-in)
          • First-aid kit (band-aids, topical antibiotic ointment, pain relievers, etc.)
          • Flashlight and batteries
          • Hair dryer
          • Laundry bag, detergent, fabric softener, clothing
          • Personal computer and printer (not required)
          • Power strips (with 15 amp circuit breaker and built-in surge protector)
          • Prescribed and over-the-counter medications
          • Robe/shower attire
          • Season appropriate clothing (umbrella, raincoat, hat gloves, etc.—sub-freezing temperature rated boots are recommended for winter)
          • Storage boxes
          • Sturdy key ring or lanyard
          • Toiletries (toothpaste, brush, shampoo, soap, etc.)
          • Toilet paper (suites only)
          • Towels and washcloths

          Highlands ONLY:

          • Shower curtain, plunger, bowl brush, cleaning supplies
          • Thumbtacks and pushpins are needed to hang posters.

          Please review the Highlands Cleaning Guide as students are responsible for the cleanliness of their suite.

          Things to Leave at Home

          For safety reasons, we ask students to leave the following at home:

          • Alcohol (including empty bottles, containers or cans), even if you are 21 years of age or older
          • Candles or anything requiring an open flame: incense, potpourri burners, candle warmers, or hookah
          • Ceiling fans
          • Drugs—non-prescription and drug paraphernalia—please note, though approved medicinally in several states, marijuana is still illegal in the state of Pennsylvania
          • Electronic cigarettes
          • Extension cords
          • George Foreman or similar grills
          • Guns and or any look-alike weapons
          • Halogen lamps
          • Hot plates, hot pots, toaster ovens or toasters, crock-pots or other cooking appliances with exposed heating elements
          • Non-University provided beds including waterbeds or lofts
          • Nails, screws, tacks, glue, masking tape or other items designed to hang items from the walls or ceilings that might damage the surface
          • Pets of any kind (except for fish in a 5 gallon tank, or smaller)
          • Space heaters
          • Wireless hubs and/or routers (these interfere with the University’s wireless internet system)

          Discuss with roommate(s)

          We recommend that you discuss with your future roommate who will bring the following items to campus:

          • Coffee maker (with auto-shut off) or brew station (if desired)
          • Gaming systems
          • Television
          • Microwave oven
          • Small refrigerator (not to exceed 2 amps)