Competency Exams


Academic departments at Edinboro University offer students the opportunity to take a competency exam to earn academic credit if they believe they've already acquired relevant knowledge that meets the objectives of a particular course.

Students who believe they already have knowledge and skills that meet the objectives or outcomes of a particular course may be able to earn credit by completing a course competency examination. These exams are administered through the various academic departments. Although they're not available for all courses, they are another option for earning college credit by testing.

To petition for credit, a student should complete the request form, which is available below, in departmental offices and from Records & Registration in Hamilton Hall. The completed form should be given to the chair of the department offering the course being challenged. The relevant academic dean, in consultation with faculty, determines whether a course can be challenged by examination.

Courses passed by examination are credited to the student's academic record. These are not considered part of the course load for a semester. If students wish to challenge a course in which they are already enrolled, they must do so prior to the end of the "drop" period at the beginning of the semester. Petitions for competency exams cannot be accepted for courses previously audited by a student.

Students may take a particular course competency exam only once. The fee for competency exams is $50 per credit hour. If you wish to explore competency testing, please contact the relevant academic department office.

Competency Exam Form

(NOTE: Students should print out and deliver to the appropriate department chair after it has been signed by their academic advisor. After review and approval, the student will be contacted with further information and to schedule a time for the competency exam.)

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