Priority Scheduling


Adult students at Edinboro University qualify for priority scheduling one day ahead of other students with the same class standing in order to facilitate fair and timely course scheduling between responsibilities involving family, career and classes.

The faculty and staff at Edinboro University realize that many of our adult students already have a busy schedule and work hard to balance their family life, career and academic responsibilities. Priority scheduling offers adult students an advantage on managing their already hectic schedules by allowing them to schedule their classes one day before traditional students with the same class standing.

Adult students who wish to apply for priority scheduling should complete the Priority Scheduling Application and submit it to the Office for Transfer and Adult Student Services. This application can be renewed annually.

Students with priority scheduling are permitted to schedule classes without getting an advisor's alternate PIN every semester for the period authorized. However, the advisor's signature on the application, or an email from the advisor stating they have advised the student for the next year, is required.

The One-Year Plan of Study

The one-year plan of study is a tool that can be used to develop a semester-by-semester plan of courses with your advisor. It is not required to receive priority scheduling, nor does it need to be submitted with the priority scheduling application.

Remember, it is only a "plan" of study. You do not need to know when the courses will be offered before completing it. The plan is simply your advisor's recommendation of courses to take for the following year to fulfill your degree requirements.

You can access the Plan of Study Form here, and we suggest you print and bring it when you meet with your advisor.

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